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July 01, 2014


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The Times wrote about the situation as part of a June 21, 2014 article.


How did they get the information and publish it before Karla?


good point brutus:

"Deputy City Manager Jane Shang was put on paid administrative leave and is working from home on some assignments, according to a city document obtained by the El Paso Times."

so the times has the document too on the 21st.

Or it was leaked in the same manner or someone has a June 4th email that explains what is going on. Remember - office workers gossip......


The El Paso Times shouldn't have had it either, but Karla and Martin have a record of receiving this information and both posted it. Once you post the actual document - you've legally crossed into another land. Plausible deniability goes out the window at that point.

If CC can't get an honest answer to why a DCM was released, there is no hope to ever get an answer on more substantive issues like HTF did a whole city get cheated out of its right to a meaningful Yes/No vote on a $200MM project.

Quite simply, it can happen again which is what drives us crazies crazy, not the de facto ball park. Get it? You can't run a government on secrecy and expect citizens to accept it, except in El Paso.

Obama runs a government in secrecy and 85% of El Pasoans are just fine with the way he does things. So what is the problem RP?

I didn't know the government was working.

Will someone please recall Limom with a serious list? Her arrogance is so bad per the DK link of open records. Her focus is on keeping downtown a ghost town...yet she's not fighting for dollars for her own districts needs as shown by one speaker at the cities call to the public. One of Limons own constituents called her out for neglecting her own districts needs.

Sorry Norma..your irrelevance has forced me to change my name... Damnit I miss you too Norma!!!

Damnit, at least she made the run off. That's more relevant than the drunk driver. Even more relevant than David was against Haggerty.

argentine fan,

I set the bar pretty low, so that's not much of statement.

maybe damnit limon should chase his name to damnit david.


I remember Bob Moore saying that if they have something readily available they should give it on the spot. I know this doesn't happen to reg people like me and you (as a grad student I filed numerous ones that weren't controversial, and they took the full 10 days just to respond). Bob Moore said during the EPISD thing that if one of them have an extra copy and a member of the press requests it, they must give it to them on the spot because it is readily available. According to him the 10 day rule is the max amount of time. Something like this document should have already been available and all was needed was to bring it up and attach it to an email.

Just thought I'd put in that point of view, I'm guessing the press has resources to sue so they cater to them.

Still think from your pic it was leaked.

From the Texas Attorney General's website (https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/open/requestors.shtml)

What Requestors Can Expect After a Request is Made

The governmental body must "promptly" produce public information in response to your request. "Promptly" means that a governmental body may take a reasonable amount of time to produce the information, which varies depending on the facts in each case. The amount of information you have requested is highly relevant to what makes for a reasonable response time.


Hot dog jobs; do you mean the Hunt-funded NPT reported that? Would they report it if the news were contrary? Consider the source.

So let me get this straight...you believe that all of the sources cited in the piece were secretly co-opted and paid by Hunt to demonstrate that business has increased as a result of the economic development boom that is downtown baseball... because Hunt made a donation to Newspaper Tree????....(sound of slow clapping)You are really on to something here...I didn't think you were offspring to the former Mayor until just now..

Hot Dog Vendor, News Paper Tree is funded by Hunt. It's the Community Foundation. If downtown is so hot then why did Borderplex put up their shares for auction ? Sander's is getting out.


I believe Leeser's land slide against Whoretega
caused it.

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