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August 08, 2014


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It will be interesting to see what results. I can just imagine.

Niland to Wilson: "I want those scuzzy Mexican peasants to stop pooping on doorsteps in my DTEP district and I don't care if you have to spray DDT on them if that's what it takes. How are we going to keep Paul and Woody happy if this is what is hanging around their investments?"

Wilson to Niland: "I get you on Paul and Woody, but Insights won't let them in their restroom without paying admission and the Rescue Mission is too far to hold it. I mean, look at Acosta; she can't hold it thru a CC meeting, so what do you expect homeless Mexicans to do?"

Niland to Wilson: "Then tear the goddam thing down. We'll have a Children's museum to replace it, or that will be the official story if you catch my drift. And keep the Rescue Mission out of DTEP. For that matter, get Segundo out, too."

Lilly to Wilson: "Any progress on my assault charge?"

Wilson to Lilly: "Watch my exit re: Shang."

Wilson to Niland: "No problemo. Houghton's got the Rescue Mission in his sights and Insights is history. I mean, the idea that those Mexican school kids can grok STEM is a joke in itself."

Niland to Wilson: "I'm talking with Bill, Woody and Paul about Segundo and Josh just keeps saying, 'Let us worry about that.' Didn't he tell that to Cook?"

Wilson to Niland: "Yep; it worked, too."

Ahhh, don't you just wish it were that simple?


Are you employed?




Perhaps Peppers works for the city and has Friday off? You know, the Wilson fuck-the-public 4 day week. I hear she's done it for URG, too. That gives unemployed job hunters a real helpful boost.

RP is a mental case everyone. Ignore him. Let him read his own vomit by himself. He won't go away, but at least he'll be all alone.

White women are not the only people Lemon and friends hate. What about Tripper Goodman?


Pepper is on 24/7 it seems. How awful to be full of all that hate all the time.

Limon is part of "La Raza" movement. She hates all white people.

Not all "La Raza movement", hate whites. I was fortunate enough to go to Crystal City, TX back in the 60s. The movement was meant to energize Mexican Americans to fight for their rights in a positive manner. People like Limon only know how to hate everyone. Especially if you don't think like her. She wants to have her way or no way at all. That's why people need to educate themselves on who they vote for. It's not for name recognition, popularity, who has more money, that people vote for. It should be who is more honest, educated, knowledgeable of city affairs and issues. What do the constituents want or need. But, here in El Paso, everyone thinks that only Hispanics can do the job. There are Hispanics, Whites, Blacks, Native Americans, etc., that have a lot to offer. We should give everyone a chance.

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