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August 12, 2014


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Thanks for the heads up.

Again, and I'm repeating myself, there is NO ONE working at that site. Not one moving body. I drive by it every day. Maybe there is one person who shows up for an hour or two in the middle of the day but I have NEVER SEEN ANYONE working there since the utilities were finished. This project would be finished it someone would just work on it.

And, by the way, that letter from Lilly's office offended me. It implies that we're just too stupid to see that work is on-going when anyone who works downtown knows NOTHING IS HAPPENING.

It is tragic that some spew so much bs that they start believing it.

The slow "progress" doesn't surprise me, it is very typical of El Paso construction.

There is MAX Safety because there is no one WORKING!!!

Here's the problem. Ever since Engineering had their coup 'etat and facilitated the departure of DCM Shang they have been high-fivin' and dancing every day. They now have no one and I mean no one including the new CM that can control them and make them do their job. And council - OMG - they put Engineering on a pedestal and stated publicly they are brilliant. So - you can't touch engineering on this one. Watch the repeat of yesterday's council meeting - engineering talks a big game but fails to admit that they have slow-walked every single project for years and years and years. Instead Niland is pushing for a $2.50 water fee hoping streets will "grow" overnight from the new watering fee.

Fuck you faggot.

I guess DavidK and his commenters hit a nerve with "mom". Not nice to use that language.

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