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August 13, 2014


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Maybe detention is in order? Or perhaps writing 100 times 'I shall not act up in meetings anymore'?

Maybe The Witch jinxed her?

If you hear about a recall can you please post the contact details. I will give up 16hours every weekend to help get signatures to get limon recalled! She is an embarrassment to the city.

Now lets get this straight. David said:"I was the first to mention that Rep. Lily Limon was physically abusive"

David then said:"All that is coupled with Limon's rumored physical abuse of Rep. Emma Acosta."

Now thats two charges of assault but there is no police report.

David then goes on to say: "He's (Martin Paredes) being paid by a local businessman to defame certain people on council. I sure hope you have proof of that David because that kind of statement could end you back in court which I wouldn't want to see happen.

What we have are 3 adult women acting like a bunch of 2 year olds and a Mayor unwilling to take charge.

As far as budget hearings go what has happened is nothing more then what has been happening every year in budget hearings. Nothing new.

Calling Limon abusive is a stretch. She is annoying beyond the best person's attempt at tolerance, she is bigoted, she is loud, she is the epitome of a poor council member. But unless you specify "verbally" abusive -- abusive means harmful physical contact, which I don't think has happened. Nevertheless, it is up to the Mayor to take charge of her and I don't think it's fair to wrap Niland and Lilly up in the accusations of misbehavior. Obviously no one wants to be stuck next to her and her venomous behavior for 4 hours every week.

Sorry Phoenix Daughter, the dictionary disagrees with you:

abusive [uh-byoo-siv] adjective
1.using, containing, or characterized by harshly or coarsely insulting language

2. treating badly or injuriously; mistreating, especially physically:

3. wrongly used; corrupt

Not to be pendantic, but abuse can be verbal or physical. Both can be harmful and neither should be tolerated at City Council.

Oh, and U, I'm sorry, but if two of those adult women have been on council for years without having a problem and now the third one has behaved in such a way that they refuse to sit next to her, I'm going to be inclined to think that the third person is the primary instigator and the main problem. I'm not saying Niland and Lilly are saints, but they've been on council for quite a few years and they seemed to be able to behave like adults all that time. Given how long you've been going to council I'm surprised that you're lumping them all together in this particular case.

Lilly and Niland are acting like children and that is not to say that Limon isn't herself but if you let people get under your skin whose fault is it. Yours or the other person. When you let that happen you give power to that person. The cure is to ignore that persons staements. Act as if they were never spoken.

Now David dropped a little nugget about Limons removal from council. Really bad idea. Such a move would backfire big time. It would destroy council.

I agree with U on Niland and Lilly. Niland should suck it up and move back to her seat. If you don't want to put up with unpleasant people then don't run for office. As a private citizen you can escape rude and crude people like Limon but not as a public official. Lemon is just a bitch and difficult to get along with. We all have someone like that in our every day world..

Regarding a recall effort on Limon I know people in her district that would line up to sign the petition. Someone with the ability to understand the process needs to start it up. 237 signatures is the magic number.

Why should everyone else on Council modify their behavior for one person who can't work and play well with others? What kind of teacher or role model was this woman for the thousands of children with whom she came in contact if she is such a disruption in her capacity as an elected official?

U, if someone is acting the fool constantly, why is one not allowed to get fed up? Do you also advocate allowing a child to throw a tantrum in the middle of the store with no consequence?

Limon is an adult, and if she is not going to comport herself as such, she should have to deal with the consequences of her actions. Niland and Lily had no problem before Limon was elected. She is the one who should clean up her act, not Niland and Lily.

Why the hell are we rewarding her bad behavior and offering excuses for her?

Patricia what we have are two women, Niland and Limon, engaged in a very old cat fight. Both are fighting to become the Alpha female on Council. Lilly is just a follower. Niland simply does not like to be challenged and since Limon has challenged her her behavior has been that of a child. Instead of sitting down and working out their problems we get this childish behavior of running to the Mayor. Adults should work out their problems but as long as the mayor lets this go on nothing will improve.

Thing is both Niland and Lemon want the same things but neither have the ability to speak in a way that the other understands.

Both of them need to go. I think we get a chance to oust Niland next year. At least Ann Lilly has the sense to only assault city maintenance staff and lets her CC colleagues off the hook.

U, even in the darkest days of the ballpark ugliness, no one had to be moved. There was plenty of challenging going on, and everyone managed to act like adults.

The problem isn't Niland, or Limon, wanting to be an alpha, it's Limon not be held to account on her poor behavior.

Patricia you are assuming that Niland is totally innocent in this dust up. She isn't. Both need to be sent to couples counseling, first as an individual and then together.


I don't think anyone is assuming that Niland is a completely innocent bystander. The issue is that Limon is coming across as the primary instigator and it feels like she's doing it as a reaction to being part of the increasingly small block of people who have an axe to grind over past council decisions.

So here is a question. Based on your observations at council, how does Limon compare to other council members (current and former)? I have not been involved in city politics as long as you have, but from what I've seen, she is the most rude, dismissive, and condescending council member that I remember seeing.

This week was a great case in point. When Leeser was introducing the alternate mayor pro tem item, which council member pretty much cut him off so she could get her piece in, make a dig and Niland, and then shove Robinson out in front? I believe that was Limon. Talk about childish, and over what? A childish move over who gets to run the meeting? Who gets to fill the role of the one guy on the dais who can't vote?

I think a lot of the people on council are childish idiots, but Limon acts like an arrogant self-aggrandizing b*** to everyone she talks to that she doesn't agree with. Staff, reps, etc... Let it be someone from Lincoln center, or one of her "Causes" and then you see her turn on the charm, but if she doesn't agree with you she really really makes it obvious and he contempt is clearly apparent even on TV.

So you honestly want us to believe that all three of the people involved so far are behaving equally childish? That it's up to Niland to be the "grown-up"? That's just wrong and either intentionally disingenuous or just plain stupid.

Adults don't have to put up with abusive behaviour. The only person I have seen behave in a borderline abusive or at least incredibly unprofessional manner is Limon.

U, if Niland is equally guilty, then why did Ann Lilly also have a problem with Limon? (I have a problem with Limon and I've never even met her!) When Ann Lilly first asked the Mayor to move her away from Limon, the Mayor spoke to Limon. However, Limon's behavior persisted. She talks to herself and to whoever is sitting next to her during meetings, making it impossible to hear the speakers.(By the way, I am not a Niland fan, either.)


You can't reason with U at all. She lacks the clarity to self asses. Stop feeding into her nonsense. Everybody in the building knows that Limon is solely the problem given that none of this happened before she was there.

Recall people, recall. Problem solved.

Its up to all three to act like Adults David. You know that and fanning the flames to make matters worse is unacceptable. That means you and the other bloggers.

I am hoping we get to see a real hair pulling, scratching the eyes out roller derby fight!

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