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August 14, 2014


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That's what news said this am. It was the construction on I-10 that caused flooding, some drainage had been closed. What is really fun, is when their BS comes around full-circle and smacks them in the ass.

Much more complicated then you make it out to be. First I don't remember any study done to align fees to the cost of services since Joe Wardy's term and its something that needs to be done especially with new facilities coming online.

Niland has been trying to put a fee on the water bill since she was elected. Her first reason was that people in rental housing were not paying their way when it came to parks which was false. Now we need the fee to pay for the CO's the city issued for roads.

I just wonder where she and council were when the CO's came up, approved and the many presentations that they had on the implications of their spending on roads and everything else.

As to the flooding the usual excuse is the pumps were not working. One would think that prior to our monsoon season the PSB would run PM checks on them to ensure they are ready for the rain storms. Sadly they don't.

As for revenue all we have to do is increase the cost of coming across the bridges by 50 cents and add $1 to vehicles crossing and that would produce 7.6 million dollars in extra revenue based on the first 6 months of crossing numbers for this year. easy to do and it would not burden those coming across the border.

As far as engineering I'll poke around to see if what you are saying is factual.

U is correct on paragraph 1. Paragraph 3 on "where was city council" - well they are too stupid to go back and review the video to see what, when and why they voted the way they did. Its too easy to sit up there and say staff lied instead of admitting they voted for something and now they want to change their mind. That's it.

Freeway has always flooded in that area - no matter what. Let's hope when they can finally re-pave/reconstruct the lanes they will fix that issue. Nothing stormwater could do about that. Saipan Pond worked as expected.

Could not agree more with U about raising bridge fees to collect more revenue. But God forbid you do that - the CBD and Beto and all the people that want Mexican shoppers will scream bloody murder. Believe me - people want to cross into the US they will pay whatever it costs or sit in the heat for hours to cross for free. Simple. Do it council. Raise the bridge fees.

U just likes to argue. You take one side she'll take the other. Niland proposed tolling the free bridge 2 years ago and U were against that then. What's changed U?

EPWU already pays the city a "franchise" fee -- 10% of their revenue. Adding more fees, especially those based on water use as Niland suggests, is just another tax on the homeowner. If this increase in fees is approved, it will show up on the right side of your bill along with your environmental services charges to make sure no one is confusing this as a water rate increase. When you can't balance your budget, you have to make cuts. Cut some of those worthless city employees -- there's plethora of them.

Never was against tolling the bridges. In fact I've argued that we can toll the BOTA's since the Treaty restrictions were crafted to allow for the free passage of those affected by the Boundary change. It was never meant to allow free passage of commercial traffic or any other traffic.

I also would like to see Sun Metro raise its fees to at least the value of 1 gallon of gasoline. As it is they cannot fund themselves from the 1/2 cent sales tax and fare box revenue. Also the PSB, Sun Metro and Environmental transfer appx 20 million dollars into the general fund for their usage of streets.

U: I agree. Time to raise prices on those things and quit nickel and dimeing the taxpayers with fees and higher utility costs.

Do you realize we fund daycare at some of the parks? There are other programs available for those in need. The city should not be covering this.

Also, Robinson had a good point. We pay the county for road use, but most of the roads the majority of us travel are city roads. Most of that money should come to the city.

Franchise fees for the haulers were on the table. Environmental, Sun Metro, and EPWU all pay for these fees to the general fund. But you got the private trash haulers and cement haulers that don't pay a penny.

Cut 10% of the pay of City Manager, Deputy CMs, Directors, Deputy Directors, and all other city employees classified as executives. There's a couple million there.

The stormwater problem, everyone forgets who managed this for the longest time, the City streets dept. EPWU has already said this would be a long term fix. The few years they have managed is way better than that previous dept.

If the city can't match the budget to revenue, then it's time to cut nonessential services. This means cutting the staff associated with the services as well.

what do you think we crazies have been saying for 2 years while CC goes on a vanity project binge with stadiums, trolleys, "hispanic culture" (oxymoron) museum...?

Now, here's one for you: Did the HOT cover the stadium bond payment this year? You know, the Big Promise from your Mountainstar pimps? If it won't, where will the money come from? One of the ol' Wilson laundering schemes? Steal books off the library shelves to make Woody World whole?

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