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June 30, 2016


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It is an obvious race to build legacy and/or prepare for a future political office.

So we raise the minimum to 10, everything cost more so now isn't high enough. Do I hear 15 ? The wage increase will sound like an auction.

DK, you hit right on the head ! I just wish you were wrong.

Council owns the firefighters raise in salary, pension and the very super generous dependent coverage that FF may much less than the cops and regular city employees. They have to raise taxes just to pay for what the voters wanted. Massive new benefits and pay for firefighters that most taxpayers do not get.

If I was the CM I would bring back a zero based budget. No increase to anything. Then you will see layoffs, salary reductions, reduced hours and the library, rec centers, pools, museums, fewer police officers.......

I went to school for four years and have a huge debt. So those who have done nothing to change their lot in life should get a huge raise for nothing? I have to work two jobs and they shouldn't? Lemon mentioned they are working 3 jobs - yeah, 3 PART-TIME jobs. Lemon is a very cruel person and should be run out of town.

I agree that Lily Limon should be ousted. But, they should get a new city council altogether. No one is paying attention to the cost of living. These city council believes that everyone of us gets paid millions a day. If you raise the minimum to $10.00 an hour the only thing that is going to happen is skyrocketing prices for everything. The only thing left to do is eat rice and beans everyday. And do these people get benefits heck NO! It will only screw up everyone here in town, except the great city council. It's a shame that NOT one of them have enough sense or education to make this a bigger and better place to live. This council can only think about themselves and their rich friends.

So this is the same Council that just oked spending $250,000 on Christmas lights in San Jacinto Plaza? Now they are shocked to find it costs to have everything those rich cities have. Yep, you can repeat slogans and string up 1/4 million in lights but this is still the same poor city that demands to have what it can't afford.

The problem with El Paso is too many bureaucrats -- people employed by the city, the county, the water utilities, the state, and so on. They have a guaranteed income, benefits and pension. They cannot be fired. These people have NO IDEA how the rest of the people live. These employees come up with ways to spend money and feed that info to City Council, County Commissioners, the decision makers at EPWU, etc. And then they complain that they need a raise. I was particularly offended by the remark that police cars with over 100,000 miles are "pathetic." My pickup has over 200,000. It runs great, thankfully, because I can't afford a new one.
My solution is to reduce city and county staff, make the police and firefighters get rid of the bureaucrats within their own departments and then let's see how the budget stands. And quit raising our water rates, for God's sake.
City council -- get a spine!

If Niland gets her way on the budget she will fix the city shortfall by charging EPWU another multi-million dollar "franchise fee" which equals higher water rates for everyone. She didn't even bat any when she did that last time.

Limon has a never ending stream of city employees at her door crying about how poorly they are treated, how they don't make any money.I dare those people to quit the city and go work in the private sector. Bet they would appreciate what they have now.

Some of us can see your constant attacks on Limon for what it is your way of clearing the path for Jeremy Jorden. The staffer Niland fired we all know you answer to Niland who is supporting Jorden who is planning to run against Limon.

Yourbulls - Not standing up for DavidK here 'cause he's a Tolbert lovin' fool but Limon digs her own grave every day with practically every word she utters. Nothing DavidK can say can hurt her more than she does herself.

Your bull- obviously you are tied to Limon and do not see what a bigoted individual she is. You forget Niland and Limon are now BFF's which is hysterical. Bitchy women sticking together because no one can stand them. Niland lost credibility with the normal people on council and now she sold her soul to Limon. Can't wait for Niland to term out and Limon will most likely win because she is tied very closely to the bigoted la raza groups that play magic with election results.

Fedup, maybe not. The "La Raza" candidate lost to Tolbert. Hopefully that district finds someone less detrimental to this city. Jordon was running Niland's office and made sure everyone knew that he was the real "rep". He is arrogant, to say the least. Doubt he will run knowing that his skeletons will fall out of the closet.

Cowboy, you are an imbecile. The city has many hardworking staff members. Obviously you do not deal with city staff often and just like to talk shit. Yes, there are some leftovers from the Wilson era that need to go, but the majority work far harder than you probably ever have in your life. Next time you pass by crews picking up trash or fixing potholes in this heat, remember your unkind, asinine words.

As for Tolbert, I think people need to take a second look. That man is plain cruel - just as bad as Limon.

What about the $10 million city taxpayers' dollars that this group of clowns "found" for the La Raza Center (a.k.a Mex-American Food Court Center)? I am sure the Police Department has better use for this $10 million dollars.

Limon stole that money. She has beat the mayor, council and CM over the head on this dumb cultural center thing and rounded up a who's who of prominent Hispanics to push the idea. That group collectively could not come up with $10M from fundraising so pressure was put on the city to find some money. They still need something like $15M more for their dream of a $35M whatever center. Can't wait for the day when Limon goes begging to Hunt and Foster for the $15M. Can't wait. She will love gringo's when they pay for her shit.

They need to stop all the construction and schedule the work so we don't have the city blocked off. One project at a time being worked 24/7 until completion. For crying out loud, stop placing cones 2 miles before the actual work site and another 2 past the site.

Come on people, have you never seen a construction site ? The majority of the jams are rubber necking ! Then we have the safe drivers that drive slow. As you pass them, you see it's not about being safe. It's about trying to text ! I have yet to see ONE slow driver not texting.

Es oque, mañana it wil gut dune, you seem to be mixing city with state.

Bring back Carmen A-C to run the numbers on this wage increase and make it look like it will save money.

If they hadn't, they should have coordinated the construction. Or is the city operating in the dark as usual ? The city created some of the mess by closing off streets while the state is doing their thing ! Even house builders coordinate the crews so work is not interrupted and the crews crowd each other.

I will stick my neck out by stating it wouldn't surprise anyone that the jams are a mixture of mismanagement and an effort to force use of the failed bus system.

David Sanchez, I have no complaint with those city workers who actually work -- those picking up trash and fixing potholes. But what about those whiney bastards in air conditioned city hall and the giant EPWU building? And those siting behind a desk at the police department? They are not working very hard. Trust me, I've worked a lot harder. Replacing fuel pumps when it is 100 degrees is no picnic. And I do not have a pension, I cannot vote myself a raise and have bare bones health insurance. So, again, for those workers who are civil servants and cannot be fired no matter how much they screw up, I have no sympathy. Clean house, decrease staff,give the taxpayer a break.

And by the way, Sanchez, I am not resorting to calling you names only because I agree that Tolbert is as bad as Limon or worse.

So you think because someone sits in an air conditioned office that they do not work hard? That is why you are an imbecile. Has nothing to do with Limon or Tolbert. You are an imbecile for lumping people together without knowing what you are talking about. Sounds like you have an issue with white collar workers because you were a blue collar worker. Did you know that many white collar workers suffer from high blood pressure because they are under so much pressure. Stop knocking groups as a whole. My mother has worked in an office for over 30 years and she is one of the hardest working ladies I have ever known.

David Sanchez, you are an angry person. Are you employed?

Cowboy, yes, I am and I sit in an air-conditioned office and work my ass off. You are an angry and ignorant person for lumping people together and make generalizations.

D Sanchez and Cowyboy -- You've both made good points. Now it's time to stop the school yard fight and get back to class.

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