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June 09, 2016


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One man's progress is another's traffic jam.

Actually, I read somewhere (and I thought it was the Times but it may have been one of the media pages), but the meeting seemed to end amicably with compressing from both sides. I hope this is the case.

The developer actually lost their hotel partner awhile back, they are just positioning this concept of meeting in the middle. They already shortened their building height to 12 stories and cut out a few of the residential units which would happen regardless of the opposition or not. I also heard there were some financing issues on the larger project which also reinforced the move to a smaller scope project.

My understanding is they have not approached the owner's of Lancer's Club Way which is what they have represented they are going to use for egress. Lest they forget sometimes it is good to approach someone about the use of their land when your $50-60m project is predicated on the use of a small street.

Not sure El Paso can afford these types of units that will $2.50+ for residential, they will either be heros or the 2nd buyer of this project can hopefully do well with it at some point.

The Lancers Club? Is it still in existence? It is / was in the Coronado Towers, which is owned by an in-law of the Meyers Group. Don't think there will be a problem there.

"Gonzales to be discussed in executive session"
says EPT. Do you think Tolbert can hold it together or will he implode? Hatred controls him -- that and Ordaz. He and Limon should go into the session holding hands.

Lancers club is long gone. I thing Keller Williams took over the top floor.

Tolbert can't wait to crucify Gonzalez for anything and everything. He just can't get over it. He got the office he wants, but still isn't satisfied until he finishes his scorched earth program. Makes you wonder how in the world he could be an Episcopal priest. Gives the religion a bad name if that is the type of person they produce in their religion.

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