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June 07, 2016


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"Rep. Jim Tolbert was just the angry guy they needed to file some trumped up BS to help them along. Tolbert got what he wanted in the end and you consider the whole process a win for him since he occupies the seat he should have had in the first place."

Should have had? Last I checked, city district seats go the person with the most votes. Tolbert's anger and whining got him there for one year.

Well now that EPT has written a story about P cards lets see if Tolbert files another ethics complaint against the CM because of the way the P cards were handled in the CM's office. Note: that procedure was set up by the previous CM and kept in place when Gonzalez got here. Guess the internal auditor had no problem with how it was done under the previous CM. But then again the Internal Auditor has put out more audit reports since Gonzalez's arrival than under the previous CM. Think she had something to hide?

The saddest part about Jaime is that he had a shot, but said "pass".

Had he sucked it up a couple years with Perez as his staffer, he could have ran for some office in the Lower Valley. A couple years at the County he could have really polished himself, and re-introduce himself, all with Perez and Co. backing. And it would have been good for Perez and Co. as well as they could expand their farm team/base.

But I guess the allure of blogging was all too much for him.



I don't agree with your politics, but at least you make it clear that you get tips from city hall. Jaime fucking pretends he's not told exactly what to do and how to do it all the time. That immature little fucking idiot gets mad at people for having an opinion or supporting a candidate he doesn't like. He claims it's cheating to hold a sign for the other candidate but okay for his people to hold signs. He's a fucking child who is too fucking stupid to stand up for himself when people use him. He accused you of doing everything courtney wanted you to do and then I hear from courtney that she's pissed at you because you don't write what she wants. she also still talks to jaime every day after he was caught calling her names. Jaime claims he's not influenced by anyone, but he sells advertising to candidates on his blog and then writes nice things about them. He's a liar and he doesn't have to be. he will be a norma one day.

" And as for the construction side... that's governed by low bids and whether or not you built what was on the plans. You have to bribe someone at the city to get away with construction shenanigans."

Not quite. Just look at the Westside pool. Bid originally last year, city staff recommended awarded to the 5th place guy from out of town.

Project is bid a second time 3ish months ago. City Staff recommends award to the same out of town guy who was 4th place at a cost of 2 million higher than the local and qualified LOW bidder.

Project is bid a third time last month and work was deleted. City staff recommends award to the SAME out of town guy who is 4th again at a cost of roughly 750k above two local qualified and low bidders.

The out of town guy's only history is working with none other than the CM in a previous city. The bottom line is you HAVE to pay to play with the new CM. I certainly don't approve of the Times smearing him to death, but the policies he has put in place for construction our outrageous.

Haydon was here on other work not connected to the city and decided to start bidding local stuff. Parks may (or may not have) used someone like Haydon to help them with scope of work, exhibits etc and then made sure they were scored high. This accusation was made with the Spray Parks Phase 1. A certain sub/vendor on that project is the absolute BFF of the parks director and none of the other bidders got to use this sub - so it goes to Black Stallion. It ain't about who is buddies with the CM - its the relationships the city employees - sometimes even lower than a department head -have with certain vendors. Do the math - that's how it works in El Paso, Dallas, Houston, Van Horn, Abilene - the bureaucrats respond to the guy that takes them to lunch, brings them a 5th at Xmas etc. Let's not forget the former CM and Matthew McElroy's cozy relationship with the out of town people that wanted to turn Cohen Stadium into a water park. That was just about a done deal until Max Powers started the ORR's. It died. There used to a well known architect in El Paso that was always offering the local school districts and government "free" exhibits for their projects, cost estimates, etc and when the time came to award the A&E contract - guess who got it every time - the friendly architect that offered design services for free until he could get the real contract. Unethical - all day. Think a bureaucrat is going to turn the guy in - no.

I think we all know that Jimmy did not act alone on the ethics claim there's a Byrd n a Escobar involved in the mix. He's in the seat for a year, a year where if there isn't any progress he'll bounce like a cheap rubber ball from a gumball machine.

It will take a village to hug him.

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