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June 15, 2016


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Where is the Ethics guru when you need him (Tolbert)? Guess he doesn't care anymore because he got what he wanted. Don't count on the rest of city council to police their own because they have probably over spent on their P cards for things the taxpayers would find to be a waste of money. Let's see if any council person has the courage to reduce the amount allowed for council to spend on their office expenses during the budget process. I am betting the subject won't come up.

What is the policy that deals with over-spending your P card? I think the media (Times, tv stations, etc) should be alerted. Normally, they really like this kind of story. Would the documentation about P card spending be subject to OOR? Everybody here (DK -- that's you)talks about abuses but doesn't do anything about it.

David, what do you mean by overspending on their p-card? That they overspent their budget or they went over the allowable daily or monthly limit?

Juana, why don't YOU do an ORR (it is not an OOR) if you are concerned. David has done many and posted the findings. I see you complaining but not doing anything about it.

I have more of an issue with complaints I have heard about Tolbert. Everyone knows that Limon, Ordaz, and Acosta are very rude to city staff - Limon more so if the employee is white. But Tolbert takes the cake and he does it by email from what I understand. There is also talk that he hired a guy with two outstanding warrants for his arrest. Seems like he is off to a good start.

The El Paso Times actually did a story on the internal audit done on P-card use. Predictably, they focused on what the CM and his office was doing and glossed over the rest. (http://www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/2016/06/07/internal-city-audit-finds-issues-p-card-use/85572216/).

ELP Tax Guardians, Bob Moore is totally biased and should be removed. He is a joke.

David Sanchez, we totally agree. Bob Moore uses the El Paso Times to push the agenda of his political 'friends'. We have heard many stories of the editorial board stating that a person's side of the story won't be printed because 'it wouldn't be allowed'. Yeah, that makes for good journalism!

It's the influence of Enrique Moreno. A true Democrat-hide the truth and never allow the other side to speak.

A little sympathy for Bob Moore please. A few years back Bob was involved in a tragic accident that shut down his prefrontal cortex functions. It involved a bag of Big Macs, some expensive apertifs and a blow up doll of the Pope. He has been driven by base brain stem urges ever since. Fight or flight stuff. There's no road back. My friends that know him say the drinking doesn't help. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

BA: too funny!!

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