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June 06, 2016


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Thanks again for a right on post. Don't always agree with you, but most of your comments provide a reality check on the unreal political world here in El Paso.

Even though I will never agree with you on the speed bumps (there are a half dozen other ways to "keep children safe" without putting speed bumps on a street where they are not allowed), I do not want to lose our city manager. I shudder to think of how our city would run -- even temporarily -- without a city manager. There is zero leadership at City Hall. We need a mayor who could direct council members away from their self destructive ways and provide support to the city manager. He / she should be able to get Limon to reign in her biases and convince Tolbert that vindictiveness is not a virtue. Leesor has the leadership skills of a bump on a pickle.

What is most interesting about the Ethics Commission hearing is the CM did not get admonished or notified about the actual paving of streets in District 2 - whether they were on a list or not or moved up or not. They left that one alone. That was supposedly the thing that drove Tolbert crazy. Again - who is going to complain that their street got paved?

And why wasn't Niland (the speed humps are in District 8) brought to task for buying into, agreeing to and never objecting to the speed humps at Cathedral? Guess because EPT loves her - she did nothing wrong. She could have stopped the entire thing when all parties were told the speed humps at that location did not meet the criteria. But she was too busy doing whatever to care. And we had 8-10 months of drama over this "accidentally unethical" CM.

Crazy that the El Paso Times thinks that calling it an 'Opinion' piece means that they can just make crap up! The press is supposed to provide an extra checks-and-balance on the political process. Instead, the El Paso Times jumps into bed with politicians and calls it journalism.

What upset Tolbert the most about the street paving was that his bff Susie Byrd didn't get her's paved. She's the one who rattled the Time's cage and Tolbert's "ethics" tantrum followed. Only in El Paso can childish behavior like Tolbert's tie up city government for months. We must be the laughing stock of Texas and New Mexico.

With Susie's tight friendship with the former CM I don't understand how it never got paved in the 8 yeas she was on council. It would have been done for her in a heartbeat and no questions asked. Guess Susie and Jim were sore losers over Romero winning and were out to get him from day one.

AH: we are the laughing stock of the southwest. No company or future CM with any kind of talent would even think of coming to El Paso.

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