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June 02, 2016


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Speed bumps in front of a school? You're fired.

Lie to CC about the cost of a stadium and then fire the person who outs you, then squander another $20MM trying to do a political favor for a loser...you're First Lady of El Paso!

We always have our priorities straight here.

A real irony of this "ethics" finding is that the alley in question has been on the District 2 radar for 10 years or more. Robert Cushing, then Susie Byrd had promised to repair it. Finally, Larry Romero makes good on the promise and look what happens to him and the city manager. The world in El Paso is turned upside down and Tolbert wants to keep it that way.

Tolbert was a sore loser and did everything in his power to find something wrong with Romero so he could be recalled and failing that filed an Ethics complaint. The rest is history. Bet he will get zero cooperation from city staff going forward. They might be scared to death he will file an ethics complaint against them. Watch all of them make city attorney determine if he has the right to request a pot hole being filled in one of the district 2 streets.

The sense of self-importance these clowns have in this insignificant, Podunk town never ceases to amaze me.

Tolbert is a tool. Just looking at his picture gives me the shivers. (edited for slander)

Media seems to be missing all of these points. Wonder why? The Ethics Commission Chair represents the Times and releases information only to them. Talk about unethical!

Another big question I have is what qualifications do these people have to serve on the commission? These are the required qualifications:

"All members of the Ethics Review Commission shall be residents of the city. No member shall hold any city elected office or be appointed to any position governed by this ordinance, or be a candidate for any such office or position. A member may contribute to a city political campaign, but to the extent this prohibition is consistent with the Charter, no member shall participate in any city political campaign or in a campaign relating to a referendum or other ballot issue in the city."

So this qualifies the members to judge other people? Really? Ralph Adame is on of the most unethical people in El Paso. And let's not even start on sleazy attorneys like Schwartz.

This whole thing is a circus and El Paso is going to lose a city manager that can do a lot of good for us and end up having to pay him a very large settlement.

Settle ? It's only "free money".

Arlene - I agree with you about Tolbert's creepy picture, but it's unfair to attack him personally especially with imaginary issues. That's what Tolbert did to Romero. That's rotten politics and in many races, Tolbert's included, it works. Dirty tactics take the focus away from issues and there are plenty of issues that need attention in El Paso. I agree with you on the "ethics" committee members' qualifications. I'm particularly troubled by the fact that the District 2 representative to the committee was not allowed to participate. Whether that person was appointed by the representative begin reviewed or not, D2 should have had representation.

It's hard to believe that we have Tolbert on City Council, yet another faulty, unstable person. We already have Niland (who has regular melt downs) and Limon, who can't control her bias. Now we have evil Tolbert who is not concerned with the welfare of the City -- only that he can fully vent his hatred of the City Manager.

And I agree with Arlene. Adame is unethical. I know this first hand. Also know first hand that Tolbert is an unstable person. There are many, many smart, ethical, good hearted people in El Paso and we end up with Adame on the Ethics Commission (what a joke) and crazy Tolbert on Council. Unbelievable.

A Ramos -- You're so right. There are many people in El Paso more qualified to lead than some on Council and the "ethics" committee. But, as Rep. Noe points out in today's El Paso, Inc., when ethics complaints can be filed for practically anything, who wants to run for office? Who wants to be subjected to malicious attacks, trumped up charges and witch hunts? That's how Tolbert and Byrd got into office. That's the modus operandi of the Shapleigh cartel. Until El Pasoans wake up to their game, they will continue to rule this city.

I just read the editorial in EP Times, the one that praises Tolbert, Ordaz and Limon for pushing to fire the CM and admonishes the remainder of Council for not agreeing. I intend to write my representative, who does not want to fire Gonzales, and ask him to stand strong. Would someone please write Tolbert and let him know that his vitriol for Gonzales is turning him into an ugly person? Someone needs to let him know that he is being used and making a fool of himself. Otherwise, he will use the editorial as a point of validation. Please! Someone?

Juana, you're correct. He's riding the wave and believing his and others bs.

He will probably cut out the editorial and frame it. He will place on office wall, feet on the desk, gloating as he stares at the editorial.

Little does he realize is that eventually the devil comes to collect ! There were so very unqualified candidates in that fiasco. One that was in the race so he could say he would the winner ? One that likes to whip women's tails to feel like a man and alleges founding the veterans commission, plus "straightening out the USMC budget !!!! One with some training might have been good. Then we have the one identified as Suzie in pants. Perhaps a better name would be some version of Cpl Klinger.

The silence about Wilson is deafening .

The final touch was the perv as a moderator ! Incredible.

Juana - Tolbert does not listen to the everyday folk. He only listens to people he thinks can further his climb up the political ladder. Unfortunately, writing him would be a waste of time and would only put you on his radar. He went into the job with a agenda (get rid of the CM) and he means to accomplish it. Many people think Mr. Gonzalez is the best thing to happen to El Paso in a long time. But he doesn't have a political machine to protect him. Hats off to the city representatives who are still sane and willing to stand up to the Times and anti-Gonzalez crowd.

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