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June 14, 2016


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Sure didn't see EPT advocating passionately for Allala's ORR requests on the ballpark and the former CM Wilson. He certainly didn't nominate El Paso for that award in 2013.

It is painfully obvious Moore cannot be objective when it comes to the CM. It is only because the CM won't talk to him or his minions (disguised as reporters) so he wants to punish the CM and the end result is the City of El Paso looks like a corrupt, inefficient, unorganized, sleazeball city. Whatever the end result is with Tommy G. you can bet no city manager in their right mind would even think of applying for the job in El Paso.

Anyone ever notice EPT is relentless in their negative coverage of any and all elected officials or city staff that refuse to cooperate with EPT's questions or agenda?

I haven't subscribe in years and know several people who have cancelled subscriptions recently. EPT and Tolbert are beating the same drum (get rid of CM) and that tactic will ruin both of them. Double standards is right -- no CM worth having would even look at El Paso. Even if the EPT disappeared tomorrow, it would take years to undo the damage that they and Tolbert have inflicted on El Paso.

I guess Tolbert just could not let it go when he lost to Romero and once EPT found a tidbit of negative info on Gonzalez and Romero Tolbert when bat shit crazy and signed on to be the one to file an Ethics complaint. He claims it was because government should be "ethical" - but amazing how Tolbert and others turn a blind eye to obvious unethical behavior by government officials and employees. Wait until Tolbert becomes the next target of unhappy employees that begin the underground whisper campaign to the media to discredit him and force him out of office. Bureaucrats always have the power when it comes to leaking info and make false accusations and the media is all too willing to report it without checking the facts. I miss journalists like Gary Warner - he would demand that facts be checked, re-checked and verified by more than 1 source. Not EPT - if it comes from a blog it must be true - unless you are DavidK.

Tolbert is unethical. Anyone who harbors vindictiveness in unethical. Anyone who works to get a person dismissed and then takes that person's place is unethical. Anyone who campaigns on a platform of environmental responsibility and then makes his #1 priority getting rid of the Manager is unethical. I hope we can rid Council of Tolbert sooner rather than later.

Double standards is 100% right. Bob Moore is a dumb fat turd. He is a noxious stain on our gentle and noble city.

Having ringside to how these people were treating our CM, is disgusting and quite frankly, disturbing! I only hope my open letter to the community in support of Mr. Gonzalez is enough to stop this circus of a shit show!! El Paso needs to heal from this and move forward!

I'm sure there are reputable and prosperous companies fighting to relocate to El Paso. There's a backlog of families waiting for a vacancy to move here.

Oh, that's right people outside of El Paso don't get the local news nor do they research before moving here. We are definitely showcasing who we are. Bad enough we have politicians helping themselves, the Priests figured why not themselves. We have judges, school officials, Feds, Army generals, hospitals,that show us and the world how to help yourself. Im surprised the animal control employees haven't found a way to help themselves, maybe sell the animals for personal gain ?

The CM should just say enough, sue the hell out the city idiots and leave. Perhaps the nonsense will stop if he stops ignoring the emotionally frustrated. Is there a plumber in the house ?

I don't think Bob Moore can bring down this city when it already pretty close to the bottom. Did you know (via The Washington Post) that El Paso ranks high on the "weird" scale? Cities are "weird" when they fall far out of the national normal in several areas. For example, San Jose, CA is weird because of their diversity of population, their high average income and their high cost of housing. El Paso, on the other hand, is weird because of our low education rate, low household income and high percentage of Hispanics. Have at it, Bob Moore. You can't make us any weirder than we really are.

Read Tolbert's ethics complaint which is detailed and well written, leading me to believe he had legal help writing it.

Romero resigned and apparently signed the document by that outside legal guy.

Gonzalez's took two hits and his actions will be subject to council monitoring and review.

Some council members don't seem very smart and constantly appear to crave media attention. Possibly some critical media attention might be directed their way.

My understanding is that Romero's signature was only an acknowledgement of receipt of the document. There's no appeal process built into the "ethics" investigation. Tyranny at it's best.

Sure Tolbert had legal help. Attorneys in the Shapleigh/Caballero/Byrd/ camp were probably lined up to help him.

Still, no one except David K even acknowledges that the Tolbert Inquisition -- oh, 'scuse, I mean the ethics commission is not supposed to review a city employee (the CM).

Abandon Hope, thank you for this very interesting comment: "My understanding is that Romero's signature was only an acknowledgement of receipt of the document."

That was certainly something I also noticed! So it surfaces the question: did that city hired lawyer, plus the City's Ethics Commission play games with the public and media? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

And your second equally helpful comment: "Sure Tolbert had legal help. Attorneys in the Shapleigh/Caballero/Byrd/ camp were probably lined up to help him."

OF -- If you look at the guidelines the Inquisition used, it's pretty clear that the ethics review process is flawed. This blog explains the guidelines very well.


In looking back at the record, I see that I'm wrong about the acknowledgment. By signing the document, Romero agreed there could be an appearance or impression of wrongdoing (level three sanction). Well that's quit a catch-all isn't it? The sun appears red in the morning, then appears yellow at noon. An unethical person can give the impression that he is ethical if he is pious, smiles nicely and triumphs popular causes.

Romero accepted that the improvements he made at two locations might "appear" or "give the impression" of wrongdoing. At one location, two of the businesses that benefited had given Romero small campaign contributions ($200) and that was what constituted wrongdoing. Tolbert's large ($500 - $2000) campaign contributors include Hunt, Teschner, Bonart, Jobe, and Karlsruher. If Tolbert makes improvements that benefit any of them or others who gave less, Tolbert can be accused of an ethics violation. That's what's wrong with the Inquisition.

Practically everyone has been in a situation where there was no recourse but to sign something and get it over with. Romero really did have a stroke and probably decided his family and health are more important than pride.

As far as Tolbert's attorney friends go, District 2 is chock-full of lawyers who are proud Shapleighites.

Abandon Hope, thank you for the helpful website, plus your thoughts on this matter. It's most appreciated.

Abandon Hope, thanks for the link. Great article. Much better than the Times' biased reporting.

Abandon Hope, have been thinking about this item from your earlier post: "There's no appeal process built into the 'ethics' investigation. Tyranny at it's best."

Gonzalez is fortunate to have selected a first class, very skilled, top flight attorney. There's no reason a detailed letter can't be prepared for inclusion into Gonzalez'a personnel file. That letter should provide the legal reasoning and rationale as to why the Ethics Committee's findings are flawed.

In addition, to making that letter a part of Gonzalez's personnel file, those objection could also be formally address to the City Council.

A key item that will need to be addressed is the report's use of the wording "recklessly disregarded."

OF - Totally agree. That's what Gonzalez' attorney should do if he's not busy preparing Gonzalez' law suit against the City. But again, when the ethics committee has no jurisdiction over city employees, why is their conclusion even relevant? A community interested in hiring Gonzalez would search the internet for articles in addition to contacting the City personnel office. And that's when the EPT becomes judge and jury.

Abandon Hope, really appreciate the comments you have provided.

Here's a thought on this one: "But again, when the ethics committee has no jurisdiction over city employees, why is their conclusion even relevant?"

Encourage folks to sign and support that petition of support those swimming pool proponents have been working on.

Don't know if that group has yet presented the petition to council. When they do, that would be an excellent time to inform council of all the defects in the city's so called Ethics Code.

Has council, with the help of its legal staff, hood winked the public and media on this entire issue?

If more petition signatures keep coming in, those proponents can keep going back to council. By going back it keeps this matter alive and in full public view.

OF - Where can folks sign the petition?

Abandon Hope, there was a KVIA report and TIMES article on the two ladies who were collecting the signatures.

The TIMES did a June 6 story by Dave Burge called "Open letter to community supports Gonzalez." It might be available on line.

The names of the ladies in Burge's article are Michele Kay and Sarah Garcia. It states Kay is apparently associated with the Aqua Posse swim group.

KVIA might also be able to help you.

That group might appreciate your interest and support.

Suspect some of these problems go back to the last city administration who seemed to get a lot of PR awards. Think David K has run blog articles on problems in the engineering department.

Again, thanks for your thoughtful and interesting exchange.

The community submitted close to 100 signed letters to city council this past week during public comment. If anyone is interested in signing and submitting a letter in support of the CM, send an e-mail to Saritaept@yahoo.com

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