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July 07, 2016


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Sounds like Abeytia is still pissed off he didn't get to be the "business manager" of the local AFSCME.

You are correct - it is entirely up to the Mayor and council to decide exactly how much they want to raise taxes. Only the mayor and council can make the decision of what to cut, what to increase and whether or not to extend the time period to complete QOL and CIP projects based on how much they want to raise the debt service tax.

The only thing the CM can do is present budget after budget with different scenarios on how to cut costs to please council's desire (some) to not raise taxes or only raise them by one-half cent.

As far as the employees maybe not getting a raise - oh well. Happens all the time in private sector. Live with it or find another job.

I did NOT vote for the fire pension nor all of the Quality of Life bond issues. But I still have to pay for them -- unless I decided to move to New Mexico, a state with a smarter governor and lower taxes.

Yeah, good luck with that, Anonymous. They pay a state tax that ends up costing more. And their crime rates in Cruces and Albquerque are sky high.

Not once have I voted yes on any bonds. Here in El Paso, the city does what it wants and every year taxes go up. It is nothing new. But, we keep sending the same people to be elected over and over, People are tired of it that is one reason why they don't want to vote anymore. And it does no good to complain cause no one will listen. The people of El Paso have to pay for everything. Until we get someone that really cares for the people, no one will
have their taxes lowered.

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