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July 27, 2016


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DK, the points are right on but will the reps or people listen ?

Don't worry, the HOT will cover all of it.

Let's just stress that this was Wilson's doing. She probably figured she would be around and she and Arrieta-Candelaria could continue to play the shell game.

The $10 minimum wage is Lemon's doing. She thinks she is the great crusader for the "poor" who she thinks look up to her. She kept talking about that cleaning lady who had been around so many years and wasn't making much money. Turns out this lady's husband makes a good living and she didn't need to work. She only kept the job because she was basically paid to stand around and gossip all day. Very little work involved. And who do you think she was gossiping with quite often?

Why isn't city council fighting to raise minimum wage for ALL OF EL PASO??

Because it is ridiculous to raise minimum wage. Cost will go through the roof, businesses will close, and people will lose their jobs.

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