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July 19, 2016


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Well if anyone has a First Amendment argument it's Chief Allen. Our Congressman,County Judge, State Senator, a few State Reps and County commissioner signed a letter seeking repudiation of the Chiefs speech. This was nothing more than an attempt to interfere with the Chief and his Employer the City of El Paso by requesting that the Mayor, City Manager and City Council take action against the Chief.

Said letter seeking action by the Chiefs employer violates his First Amendment Rights but also sends a chilling message to every single person in the City and County of El Paso and that is if you disagree with the position of the signatories of the letter you are placing your job status or position in jeopardy.

I seriously doubt any city rep will attend. They think they know it all. If I was the Mayor I would set an example by coughing up the $49 and going and challenging city reps, CM and senior staff including the city attorney to attend. Won't happen.

Too funny about Abeytia and Paredes war with EPPD wanting to rant on a Twitter feed. Why don't they use that energy against Donald Teump and his Twitter feed?

What's even funnier is the Deadbeat Dad blocked Max Powers Twitter. Claimed Max was harassing him. He just didn't like the questions Max was asking. Escobar did the same thing. Instead of worrying about EPPD twitter "feed" maybe he needs to send money to Arizona to feed his kid.

Maybe they are just trying to create a new controversy to divert from how badly the anti-Chief Allen people messed up. They will try to make the EPPD look bad. They can't do it on their record so they will do something silly like criticize their social media efforts.


Please stop pretending that you have the foggiest notion what the 1st amendment stands for. Regardless of what you think about the content of that letter it does NOT violate Chief Allen's first amendment rights. The first amendment protects us (in most situations) from being thrown in jail for what we say. No one has said anything about bringing Chief Allen up on any charges. Just like it is perfectly acceptable for those same people to write a letter congratulating someone and voicing their support for someone they are free to exercise their own first amendment rights in asking the Mayor and Council to censure the Chief for what he said.

They have no way to compel this and they don't appear to have tried so that's the end of that. If you didn't like what they said then don't vote for them if they represent you.

The first amendment protects us from having the government try to criminalize most forms of speech, but once any of us exercises that right then we have to live with the consequences of that speech. In some cases that could mean getting fired or not being selected for something and that's completely legal. Most of us who work for a living know that what we say can have those repercussions and the folks at the City and County know that saying the wrong thing (or saying something stupid) is a pretty sure fire way of getting fired if the wrong person hears about it. This letter didn't change any of that.

The signers of the letter are trying to affect the Chief's employment with his employer due to what he said. Since these are elected officials this is not only a violation of the Chiefs 1st Amendment Rights but it sends a chilling message that if you disagree with the people who signed this letter your job status may be affected.

I tend to agree with DK and Not Blind on this one U. While First Amendment standing is one of the most easy to show and the Texas counterpart even easier, no one is stopping Allen from speaking further, prospective.

To me Allens comments where a emotional opinion and not a official prepared statement of EPPD or the City's position etc.

Same with any Twitter feed issue also, given proxies and spam, plhishing etc.

Nevertheless "Rights belong only to the Belligerant Claimant" U.S. v Johnson

It's not against the law to be stupid. Chief Allen has every right in the world to embarrass his department and this community. This is America. Be proud.

The embarrassment is gullibility of El Paso. They believe and support anything the county misfits do or say .

Chief Allen is the only one that hasn't buried his head in the sand and tells like it is.

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