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July 12, 2016


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Very well put, David. Thanks.

Take a bow!

Media is now reporting a letter was sent to mayor and council from an interfaith group demanding a public reprimand of the Chief. And guess whose name is on the letter? Good old Tolbert. This is highly unethical and a conflict of interest. You are sadly mistaken about him being a decent guy. He's not. He is an instrument of the bad people, but he seems to relish it.

DK, good piece but disagreed on the point about west and east coast residents being BLM huggers. Perhaps the west coast and Vermont .

The clowns that signed the anti-Chief Allen letter need to spend a week in Havana, Cuba. I bet all of them will fly back to our city, as fast as possible. Thank you for supporting,and defending our freedom of speech.

It was a mistake that my name was on the Interfaith letter. As a member of the Quaker community here in El Paso the letter represented the views of that community. I took some exception and asked that the signature simply read "El Paso Society of Friends (Quakers)". Much of the letter I am in agreement with. However, I disagree about the language about a "reprimand" and I completely disagree wtih taking any steps to deny Chief Allen (or anyone) his freedom of speech. I said so in an interview with CBS4 yesterday. May I also point out that I was the one on City Council who placed on the budget review our need to spend more money for police officers and vehicles PER Chief Allen's recommendations. After the Chief's meeting with the black community last night and today's public comments at City Council, I believe that we can move on and that our city has grown closer together and not farther apart. As reported in the Times this morning, I said that we should come together rather than being entangled in a pro/anti debate about the Chief. He has done an outstanding job and as sign of my respect and support I wanted more money for his department. Of all budget itmes and City Council responsibilities, public safety comes first.

Mr. Tolbert -- So whose mistake was it that your name was on the letter? It sure sounds like you're walking back your statements after hearing the overwhelming community support for Chief Allen at Council today. At least the Chief stands by what he says.

Cannot trust Tolbert. He goes where he's pushed, has no backbone and no core beliefs. If Tolbert does not agree with the points presented in the letter, he should write his own letter, an apology to Chief Allen, and publicly disavow the Quakers' letter. Tolbert is out of touch and does not represent the values of is district. His wimpy blog up above does not get him out of hot water nor out of Escobar's shadow. He's still upset because Escobar did not call him to sign her letter. He wanted to stand with the big boys.

I agree, abandon hope. Sorry, Tolbert, your demeanor and attitude with city staff is rude and outright mean. You have been caught in many, many lies since you took office. I don't care if you asked for more money for the police. You were part of this witch hunt, just like the witch hunt against the city manager, and now you are backpedaling because the majority of the community went against you. I am truly disgusted by you. You are an evil man.

By the way, how ethical is it that you still have your blog and you are using city resources to get your information???? Think someone needs to investigate this and put you under the microscope. Not only is it unethical, it is illegal as it is a misuse of city staff and funds.

And yes, of course, as Tolbert so proudly mentions, he was quoted in the Times. That's not much to crow about really but then he is the Times' favorite puppy these days. An apology from Tolbert to the Chief would be nice but it won't stop Tolbert's pattern of bad decisions that he blames on others. Just wait, District 2, it will get worse.

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