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July 10, 2016


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You call out BLM for not policing their members, while giving the police a pass for not enforcing the law when it comes to fellow officers. To me the latter is much more egregious.


going to need more than one example of how police are not policed. The police are heavily scrutinized. That doesn't mean a grand jury always gets it right, but it doesn't change the fact they are watched carefully.

And I didn't say the people causing trouble were BLM members per se. They are people who use legitimate BLM efforts to push their own agenda.

I came from a pretty large gathering of people tonight -- OK, it was a party. But EVERYONE there was on the side of the police chief. No one in their right mind agrees with the killing of black people by cops for no apparent reason but no one agrees with the killing of a white or Hispanic person either. But it is hard to have empathy for a group that allows protesters to carry "kill cops" signs. And that is how the police chief sees it and that is how I see it. I am deeply disappointed that city and county officials (and Beto, who never misses a chance to show just how liberal he really is) jumped at the chance to disavow Chief Allen and hope that those who agree with me will take the opportunity to let their council member know how they feel. Chief Allen is charged with protecting his officers and right now, that is a very tough job.

Check your sources and let us know. Rumor is the City is going to fire the chief.

Anonymous you are right about one thing and that is that police do their job the best way they can. But, Chief Allen said that those groups are all parts of a gang. That is not true. For one thing you have good and bad in every group. Even in families there is always the one that does not act right. There is too much hate spewing from every side right now. Who can we really trust? I come from a generation that saw much violence from policemen that would beat you up in a New York second if you were Black, Hispanic, Oriental, Native. Saw the hate in the South when they were having the bombings and the Klu Klux Clan were killing anyone that was not white. They even killed any white person that did anything good for the blacks or any other ethnicity. We need to educate people about the different beliefs, be able to know more about each other. We are all human beings and we need to have respect, confidence and love for one another. Another thing no one notices is that a police officer gets about 6 months training. How many of those were evaluated with a psychological testing. How many of them are known bullies, how many of them are known as humanitarians? They hire soldiers right after coming from war. What is a soldier trained to do? Kill!! So do not put blame on anyone because no one really knows the answer except for God.

Well if the rumor is true that council members are talking among themselves to fire the chief then that is disturbing. It appears a group of elected officials-all Hispanic are now wanting El Paso first black chief of police fired. No racism there?

This issue has been over blown by thes certain politicians. And now Bob Moore has jumped on the bandwagon. He wasn't successful in getting the CM fired so he will probably push firing the chief to poke the CM.

The problem with BLM is exactly as DavidK stated. They may have good intentions but when even just one of their "members" chants that police need to be killed and others carry signs saying the same thing then they have zero legitimacy in my book. I tuned them out the minute that happened. I no longer care about their message because they do not police their own members and remove the haters.

I always thought Chief Allen was one of the good guys in this sorry town and I still do. Ditto Sheriff Wiles.

The cops here are better than they've been my whole life. But maybe that's just because I'm an old white guy who doesn't go out very much.

We need outside media attention on this issue

Well, let's give the white supremacists a pass while we're at it. !

The BLM is not a fraternal organization that meets over donuts, menudo and coffee.

The local politicians are so stupid, they believe ISIS is misunderstood and BLM is here to unite the community. News for them: one states convert or die, the other yells Kill Cops and pigs in a blanket. Such endearing slogans, where do we sign up for these fraternities.

I am really surprised that more of you do not know who actually started BLM. Not nice people. Very evil people. Did anyone stop to think that the Chief of Police has more information about this group than the average citizen? Beyond Stupidity is correct. They chant about killing the cops and frying pigs in a blanket.

I doubt city manager would fire the chief and council can't. Mayor did defend Allen, so I doubt anything will happen.

Someone posted on Facebook that Escobar and company were attention seeking media whores, and I agree.

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