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July 11, 2016


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Only the CM can fire the Chief. City council has zero say in the matter. All employees with the exception of city attorney report to the CM. Now will certain city council members brow beat the CM and threaten to fire him if he doesn't? We shall see. Hope Tommy G has the balls to tell council to go f... themselves.

The funniest thing is there was a special city council meeting this morning to instruct the city council on how exactly the city manager form of government works. Guess none of them was listening except Peter.

From Facebook and Twitter posts, the Chief has about a 95% approval rating. These idiots barked up the wrong tree and it is going to bite them in the ass!

I have totally changed my mind about our Mayor. His statement that he was offended by the "letter" was perfect. So go ____ yourself, Escobar. You won't get to run the city and chose a police chief after all.

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