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July 20, 2016


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are they getting corporate welfare(tax rebates from our tax dollars) to build this thing ? They are on their Downtown project.

If you do not like corporate welfare, perhaps you should take time to study the basic premise of economic development.

maybe you should study that the ball park did't save downtown. Sanders REIT is bailing and getting sued. Corporate Welfare is about those that give to the politicians get it and those that wont, dont.

The downtown redevelopment plan was Sanders' Frankenstein retarded love child. He lost his fast ball. Cardwell, Foster and a few other hapless rubes are not trying to pick up the pieces. You can't buy entertainment like this.

No, they are not getting anything for building this. What is wrong with all of you negative Nellies?

The negative comments above -- they epitomize what is wrong with this town.

City Council approved the zoning change for the Shadow Mountain/Mesa building, but has not yet approved tax breaks. It's certain the Meyers Group will request tax breaks so anyone opposed should contact his city representative SOON with reasons for opposition to the breaks.

I think that if companies want to invest in El Paso, they should do so with their own resources, not the resources of the El Paso taxpayer. Every time a business gets a tax break for 5, 10 or more years, homeowners and small businesses are picking up the tab. Making El Paso business friendly should not include giving corporations sweetheart deals at the expense of small property owners.

Where all of you are wrong, is that these "tax breaks" are not coming out of taxpayers pockets. These development projects are creating new tax revenue where there was none. The City is just giving a discount on new revenue that would not of otherwise received.

Steve was Right, Steve lost. Get over that landslide ass whooping. Many developers don't get the tax breaks. Why ? Because they don't give money to the politicians. The Meyer group is getting a Tax break on their downtown project(if the Times article was correct). Not sure about the Shadow Mountain deal, but many in that area don't want the extra traffic while I doubt the Diamond Point Area cares for that in their view either along with the houses above them.

idnlcw, You continue to prove my point by either not understanding the issue that the money is not coming out of your pocket for the tax breaks, or you intentionally redirect the topic to other issues like traffic.

It is people like you who bitch and moan about issues you do not understand, that keeps El Paso stuck in time. Why don't you do something positive for the society rather than sitting on your fat ass complaining about concepts that you have never studied. You are blindly following the the misinformation...

I don't sit on my fat ass. I work long hard and probably pay more in Taxes than you make along with the fact that I have to tell my CPA what to do half the time along with my engineer. I doubt you could balance my check book so don't act so high and mighty and act like your a god of economics. Your just another Libtard progressive who thinks he knows everything because he took an Economics class at JUTEP.

If some of you cannot see the benefit of a downtown convention hotel, you are being blinded by your own prejudices. A convention hotel is a huge benefit to all El Paso taxpayers and warrants tax breaks and investment by the city. Renovation of the Paso del Norte hotel is the best news this city has had in a long time.

idnlcw, I'm quite impressed with your self proclaimed high level of intelligence. However, you apparently are unable to choose a competent CPA or engineer. Too bad they have to work for a self righteous, uninformed, arrogant buffoon.

I am waiting to hear what incentives the Meyers Groups asks for on the Mesa/Shadow Mountain building. Until them I will not participate in the insult fest. Get over it folks, we’re all in this together and it doesn’t help to play school yard games.

The truth is if these are high end apartments, where are the high end income people ? Wouldn't a wise person buy a home rather than apartment?

This is another example the stupidity of "build and they will come". With all the corruption and no "real" jobs oh yeah I can see the stampede to get here. Hasn't it occurred to these suckers as to why there are so many empty new homes, apartments, condos, etc ?

The other stupidity is the belief that if you have a tall building, you are now "big time". The building will most likely NOT have full occupancy but the three people living there will brag ! Oooowee, I lives in a city, yes suh, comes an elayvater and dunt knee can dols fir lyes.

The so called meeting was just a formality so they could say that there was public input. The decision by Neanderthal was made prior to the meeting.

Has anyone thought about the geology around here. Any more buildings and more homes etc., are likely to bring more disasters to this area. All we have is caliche and many underground holes. Think about it.
No one should try and make Mother Nature and Mother Earth upset.

Yo, Steve Was Right,

I'm pretty sure that new luxury apartments aren't economic development. I appreciate that those investors might not have chosen to build that project here without incentives, and that the apartments will generate future tax revenue. But calling them "economic development" is setting the bar too low.

Elrich, There are very few $100+ million dollar developments in El Paso. To me, that is a significant investment in the EP economy. We should encourage those willing to risk their money in an unproven market.

Lupe: I would like to know what disasters you're talking about. Every builder has to do studies that involve the geology of their building site that would uncover things such as underground holes. ???

Lupe Weaver is Chicken Little. :)

Juana, remember 2006. There were hundreds of people that had extreme damage due to the flooding. They built homes on arroyos, and places that cannot ever or should ever have anything built on them. The disasters in CA., are also because of over built. For instance the houses that fall of the cliffs and mountains whenever they have floods. Another thing is that they keep building and do not allow any evaporation of natural means and we do not get much rain because of it. No I am no expert but, anyone with any common sense can see what is happening, Especially if you are a senior. Seniors do have a longer life experience most of the time. What studies did all these people do? The holes are cavities in the earth more or less. Think about all the sink holes also. There were never as many as there are now. Mother Earth is letting people know what is happening with all the disasters happening now not just here but all over the world. Remember the big freeze around 2008 or 2009?If you do not know what you are talking about it's best to just keep quite unless you have the guts to stand corrected.

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