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July 11, 2016


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Don't count on your little friend Tolbert staying out of the issue. He's the Shapleighites representative on Council.

DK, totally agree and completely support the Chief.

Give the idiots some more rope, they keep going for the gallows.

One point, El Paso was not the Safest City ever. The whole time we were being told that, it was Irving CA that was THE Safest City in the US

El Paso officials are self hanging, first of all, it is IRVINE, CA. Second, El Paso has been the safest city with populations over 500,000. IRVINE has less than 237,000.

David, I just posted what someone said on Facebook and it is the same as what you are saying. Nothing but attention seeking media whores. Allen was visibly upset and the media pushed him. Too bad the stupid reporter never learned how to do follow up questions like, "Why do you feel this way?"

David, don't spin. Irvine had the "Safest City" period, not some number. They had. The official title. ! Do the research.

You do the research. SMH at your ignorance. You can't even get the name of the city right, so how much research did you do? You didn't. You pulled it from what someone else was posting because they freaking had the wrong name too! ROFLMAO!

No David, I was the one that exposed that lie that had been ongoing for years. You are taking things too personal. I comment about so many issues, yes I misspell and leave words out but the context is more important.

I was also the one that put to rest Lilleys manta of "tear down that wall". Simple questions, had she ever been to Berlin and when the last time someone was shot for sneaking into Mexico.

There are many issues that are not confronted but someone has to do it.

I really don't understand your reaction when it is very simple to look it up and see for yourself that was only ONE city that was designated and it wasn't based on population.

You cannot write a sensible post, and your "information" is wrong. It was the safest largest city, which means over 500,000 in population. How do you think they can compare small cities to large cities? That is ridiculous and illogical. That is like comparing a high school football team to the NFL. SMH at your ignorance.

Now go back to remedial writing courses and learn the value of punctuation and grammar in writing clear and concise thoughts. :)

They didn't go with the population size, that was a El Paso fabrication. There was ONE city only that had the title of being the Safest City. I'm not the one that designed nor supervised the study. They DID NOT do a pop size. They used crime stats period. Obviously you were one of the people that fell for the bs and still want to believe it. Unfortunately for you, can't dispute the FACTS.

You have some serious low self esteem issues and can't deal with being wrong.

The attacks filled with nothing of substance but plenty of insults is very telling.

Since you lack the determination for facts. Read LA Times, dtd 12 July 2016. Irving California was chosen by the. FBI as the Safest Big City in America, 10th year in a row !

Now dispute those FACTS.

There is no such place as IRVING, CA. ROFLMAO! Great FACTS! NOT! And why are you calling yourself names, pendejo?

Bye, Felicia.

No hope for some even when presented with facts. Must be a drone voter that does as told and doesn't believe anything else.

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