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August 25, 2016


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Yes, Tolbert is getting bad advice but the stuff he comes up with on his own is also impractical, half-baked and reckless.

Niland's stubborn refusal to let go of her phone for a few hours shows lack of respect for Council's rules and any other rules that are not convenient for her to follow. If the umbilical cord must stay connected 24/7, she should not only resign from Council but also stop taking airplane flights, sitting on juries or participating in other activities that prohibit cell phones.

You must have read the secret Wilson-WoodyWorld memo that acknowledges the arena can't cash flow and will be a drag on city finances. Then WoodyWorld will come to the rescue by agreeing to take it off the city's hands for free. All the city has to do is build it with the QOL money.

Nice place for an indoor soccer field for You Know Who's team.

Kerry K: give up your obsession with Hunt and Foster. Any valid point your posts may make are lost among your insults for those two men who many admire. You're like a broken record.

Hey David K, this was really good:

"People will often tell you that horses and boats are the worst purchases for a family financially. Well, this arena is your equivalent of a horse - you got nobody to ride it, but you have to feed it and keep it healthy. It's a complete drain on your wallet. I guess your lucky an arena doesn't poop everywhere."

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