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August 31, 2016


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I read the EP Inc article - sharp guy and you can tell he is NOT a Shapleigh camper. Sounds like he is his own man. Wonder if the addition of Willie Cager will impact the election.

Lou Holtz. That is all.

Strange my previous post did not show up. I'll try again.

It's always easier to run against someone with a public political record so you can complain about what they did or didn't do. Saucedo has no political record, so that might put Margo at a disadvantage except that those who worked with him (all Democrats) in the state legislature like him and said he did a good job. Saucedo's relative youth might be an advantage. Margo will probably get more campaign contributions.

hijack: oh get over the whole Lou Holtz thing. Saucedo said it best - PC gone crazy. I am totally surprised that anyone in this town actually watched the republican convention and had any idea this man spoke. I didn't. I don't care. guess you are that one issue voter or one statement voter. hope you forget to vote.

FedUp, no.


Had a problem earlier with comments - sorry about that.

Saucedo is also a Republican guy and a known at the state level guy, at least known well enough for Gov Abbot to appoint him to the State Board of Nursing.

Being a new has it's disadvantages. Inexperience and the "youth is good to a point and then experience takes over. Not for or against, just saying a different analysis.

He does know the political method of speaking. That's a plus. I wouldn't place too much weight on a Notre Dame education. It's good but remember what happen to our Columbia and Harvard grads. Degrees don't make you intelligent, that's a misconception. It gives you skills to prepare that's all.
So I wouldn't be so quick to shove Nortre Dame into voters(all three of them) face.

He would do better to highlight his budget and management accomplishments plus specific plans to turn El Paso around. I am sure that as a new guy, he will be approached and told why he should play ball(punt intended). Can he say no and still win ? That depends if El Paso is really ready for a change.

As for being a Republican, not a plus because only Democrats actually organize and support.

I do have an issue with his "sister city" comment. That could be a problem, cook and others abused that program. It is designed for culture and economic EXCHANGEs, not developing policy based on Juarez's government failures. That's interfering with Mexico's sovereignty. We are NOT responsible for the citizens of Juarez. Their government is ! That means helping business to develop NOT providing for social benefits.

Is a good candidate, he can't do any worse than the others. So let's hear what he has to say. Btw, his ethicity should not be a factor, it should be his goals and statesmanship.

Sorry, DK, but the mayor needs to have some leadership qualities. Lessor developed a tiny smidge of those qualities in the past few months, but his stint has been rife with Council run amok. Someone with a strong personality needs to take the helm because even if we're rid of Niland, we will still have Tolbert trying to get rid of the city manager, Limon insulting city leaders and Ordaz trying to turn the city over to the county.

Let us be VERY Clear about Saucedo. He is well on his way to being a skilled "Politician." And, I don't say that in a good way. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

He was sulking and calling the outcry about Holtz as "Pathetic. It's political correctness run amuck."

Yes, I guess the fact that Holtz, who has not coached at Notre Dame for 20 years, chose to call Mexicans "an Invasion." Holtz endorsed Trump on the basis of his "First Class Hotels and Golf Courses."

That is right. Holtz is not thinking about foreign policy or the direction of our country, or the dwindling middle class. No, he chooses a Presidential Candidate based on his GOLF COURSES!

And, when Holtz when on to denigrate the Mexican/Latino Culture, Saucedo has the gall to say, "We worked too hard to be dealing with this BS..it is what it is."

The problems are two-fold, so "Junior" Saucedo understands this. Perhaps he forgot because the kid was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

1. Holtz endorsed Trump on May 3, so that should have given Saucedo time to re-think inviting someone controversial, especially given in light that upon announcing his Presidency, Trump chose to call all Mexicans as Rapists and Murders.

2. Holtz was speaking and made his controversial comments while HONORING Phyllis Schlafley, on July 22! Look up Schlafley is she the most Right Wing Person I can ever imagine.

Also, Holtz has gotten in trouble before by saying that Hitler was a good leader. ESPN made him read the statement on air even though Holtz refused to acknowledge that he said anything wrong. Also, Holtz cut commercials on behalf of "his good friend Jesse Helms. That's right. That is why Holtz was fired from Arkansas. He admires a Racist Segregationist who never believed in the Civil Rights Ace of 1964.

But no, according to Jr, this is all "P.C. run amuck and B.S." Good Luck now trying to heal the divide that exists at Cathedral and trying to raise money for scholarships. Saucedo has made this into his own Personal Crusade and is sneering at the "P.C." people. Forget about scholarships, especially when they had to fork out close to $50,000 in Speakers Fees.

But, what exactly has Saucedo done in life? Got to Cathedral, paid for by his mother and father. Went to Notre Dame, again on the Family nickel. Now, he works as "V.P"" at the Family Locksmith Co, founded by his great-grandfather. It is very easy to look down and sneer at other people when he's been handed everything in Life.

Has he started a company from scratch? Led people in a corporation? Has Management experience? Lived in other cities (besides South Bend). Knows how to get along with different kinds of groups? Knows how to bring disparate groups together? NO!

If his petulant reaction to Cathedral alumni reacting negatively to Holtz, and calling them "P.C. run amuck and BS" how is he going to help City Council work together? He couldn't even handle the Lou Holtz situation correctly, much less lead a large group of squabbling adults who act more like children than anything else. That would be City Hall.

The Youngest Mayor in El Paso History? Yes, also the Most Clueless, Tone Deaf and Arrogant.

I need to clarify. I should have written...ESPN made Holtz read a Statement of APOLOGY on the air.

Also, I should have said "City Council" not City Hall.

Finally, as a P.S. Holtz has infamously noted that he's proud of his "Jesus Loves You, Everyone Else thinks You're an Asshole" bumper sticker. So, for all you West Side Jews, or members of other Faiths, that is what Holtz "Saucedo's P.C. Run Amuck" thinks about you.

Even though the Pope himself has tried to heal all wounds and division with members of other faiths. Not Holtz though. Too busy admiring Trump because of how he builds a Golf Course, or smears entire Races based on their ethnicity.

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