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August 04, 2016


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Deep is too shaked up with Hunt and Foster. But Adair, who has never run for office, would be a great candidate on any ticket and with a proven record of community service.

David KKK,

You're dead wrong. Houghton runs and the Lower Valley will turn out. Houghton is beloved in the Lower Valley.



Houghton couldn't get elected dog catcher. He prefers being the bag man than the guy out front taking the hits.


Don't doubt the power of the Hought! Between him and a crack team of Lower Valley political consultants he will be the next mayor of El Paso.

Me? I have made my preference clear for a Mayor Shapleigh. A Mayor Shapleigh would name yours truly his Chief of Staff. Shapleigh's thinking would be, "If Iran can get $400 million in cash from DC, imagine having an Iranian on staff and what that could get me." Little does he know that Iranian is cut with Mexican, which creates all sorts of other problems.



So you think Houghton will use that wanna be Karl Rove aka Abeytia for his campaign. Oh too funny. Shapleigh mayor?! You as chief of staff to anybody else is fine with me.

Dee Margo would be a good mayor. Until the Chief Allen thing, Leesor did not exhibit many leadership skills. When Margo was a State Rep, he did a great job. When he spoke to my Lions Club, to bring the members up to date on the Legislative Session, he did so without notes. He knew the budget figures by heart, had a grasp on all the issues, answered all questions, and was totally non-partisan in his approach. I never had the chance to vote for him as I am not in that district but will gladly support him now that it is a city wide race.

Dee Margo will win hands down. Houghton has little chance against Dee. First I have heard about Estela Casas running! Nice lady but my initial reaction is she seems out of place in politics. Guess I am too used to watching her on the News!

Max, the Iranian connection might even give you a chance with Veronica!

Dee Margo is a wimp, he and Adair make a good team for corruption. Shapleigh is the way to go. If you gave me a million dollars to vote for Dee Margo, I still would NOT vote for him. Skeletons will come out of the closet!!!

Lupe - you must know another Dee! The guy I worked for is no wimp! First Class all the way! May come across as a little arrogant but once you get to know him he really is not arrogant, just somewhat misunderstood. Why so much hate for Dee & Adair? They are both good for El Paso, regardless of whether he wins the election.

Lupe is p____ed off about something. Usually that kind of undeserved dislike arises from something such as a social snub. Advice to Lupe: don't let your personal dislikes spill out into the public sector.

I have voted for over 50 yrs. and have always had likes and dislikes. When I have an opinion I have one and no one can change that. It is not against the law. First found out about Dee and Margo and it was in the 70's and nothing good came of it. Did not like them then and still do not like either one. Other human beings were hurt bad emotionally and mentally because of them. That is all I am going to say. There is no need for more. They are not good for El Paso and have not ever been good for El Paso. Skeletons do come out of closets!

democrats in el paso will always find a flaw in a conservative. lupe wever, calm down. let those skeletons out. tell us. did dee run over your dog? is he a cheater? or is he just good at the long game?

First the name is Weaver. No one has ever run over any dog, always inside the yard. And he did worst than what you have stated. Actually it was Adair that did the damage. Both helped each other Why should I say anything it happened and so be it.

When you deal with names try your hardest to spell it correctly or pronounce it right. A person's name is their dignity.

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