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August 23, 2016


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Tolbert stated clearly and emphatically during his campaign that he would delay or cut back on QOL projects rather than raise taxes. Say what you want but if you take him on his word, he is going back on campaign promises. QOL and pension fund votes happened before Tolbert ran. If he were going to do as you suggest and say he voted the way his district did on those referendums, he should have said that during the campaign. Sorry, as much as you'd like to tell him how to handle this, he's not off the hook. His manner and attitude while questioning Chief Allen during the Council were arrogant and rude. Try accounting for that.

And the ring leader on this one is probably Susie Byrd. Amazing how she fought bitterly as a city council person to not close a single school anywhere in her barrio and now has no problem closing them all over the place and charging $660+ Million to do so.

I will say that EPISD did a miserable job of planning for new and renovated schools for the last 30 years. They were totally ignorant of any new development and made zero attempt to coordinate with the city on development projects to determine best place to build new schools or additions to schools. And they did not have the political will to make the hard decisions to close under-utilized schools. This problem could have been totally avoided starting 30+ years ago.

Any candidate running for office should never promise to never raise taxes. Unless you know the budget inside and out as a candidate you cannot truthfully make that statement. It would be irresponsible to do so.

David - Sure hope Tolbert reads your blog because you are the best campaign/PR manager he has. I really don't know why you are in his camp because he is on the opposite side of everything you stand for. He is not serving District 2 well because of his mean, malicious nature.

Lol, that's a good one, PR.

David, unfortunately the only street in El Paso that doesn't look bombed is the trolley folly street, Stanton.

Shame? These people are shameless and couldn't care less about the public. The public should be even more ashamed drone voting or not voting at all. For some reason, despite of all the reported scandals, failures, massive taxing, needless spending, the people just take it over and over.

Your blog could be called, "Save Tolbert." But then, he needs all the help he can get, poor guy.

"El Paso Rising" I hate it.

Sadly Mr Tolbert took the weasel boy way out and was not present for the budget vote but was firmly seated in his chair to harass the police chief for honest reporting.

And this is the guy who attacked and filed ethics complaints against people who had the backbone and integrity to do their job.

I sincerely hope District 2 voters have much better choices this time around.

David, while I know you say Tolbert is a close family friend, either you all do not know him well or do not care how rude and arrogant he is with others. There is nothing to like about the man.

Facts r useful, which budget vote are you referring to, please? Because he was there yesterday. That is why there was a split vote. Rumor has it that mayor said if they overturned his veto on the budget and voted to approve the same budget they approved previously, he was going to veto the tax levy ordinance. That would have created a big mess and is the reason they went with the revised budget. That was an a-hole move on the part of the mayor.

Everyone was warned that taxes would need to increase if the firefighters won the referendum. All these people who voted for it were crying, "poor firefighters" and now when they have to pay, they are crying, "poor me".

David, why no mention of Niland's blatant unethical behavior? Those idiots wanted to fry the city manager for "unintentional" unethical behavior, but Niland admitted, on record, that she knew the rules of council but because they voted against her item an electronic devices, she threw what is best described as a little rich girl tantrum and said she had her personal cell phone with her and would not get rid of it. Totally unethical. She actually sounded like she wanted a reason for people to get rid of her to save her the embarrassment of quitting. Her sons are not babies, so there is no reason for her to keep talking about being the sole person responsible for them and how she had to be available at all times. She sounded like a crazy, overprotective person whose sons are going to grow up to be unable to care for themselves.

Arlene --

Totally agree on Tolbert and Niland. Why did Tolbert take 30-45 minutes of Council's time to harass the police chief on the day the budget and tax rate were on the agenda? Clearly he is Byrd and Escobar's minion.

Niland is not the first working mother to find she is away from her children from time to time. Why not have them call their father if there is an emergency? Or why not ask her assistant to take any phone calls from her children and it's emergency take a written message to Niland in a meeting? If she is going to violate Council's rules someone will call her on it. It's a rule voted on by Council and if she violates it she shows little respect for Council and sets a bad example for not only her constituents but also her children (who, by the way, are not begin put in any danger whatsoever).

Another ridiculous comment was Tolbert's suggestion that constituents text him during meetings about the topic being discussed. The attorney said that would be legal only if the name and comment were read into the record. So everyone, get your reps cell number and start texting them during Council meetings. Think the meetings are long now?

Tolbert has pushed a borderline dysfunctional Council over the cliff into the abyss.

Fyi. The new clown (he is Steve Allen's twin) Tolbert was reading from talking points provided to him by the anti-Allen gang,aka Veronica Escobar (pay me what I am worth), no makeup 24/7 Susie Byrd, and the JFK want to be Beto (I grow my own pot in Kern Place)O'Rourke. If Tolbert really wants to know more about the EPPD, he should do a ride along on a Friday, or Saturday night.

Good thing Niland wasn't a working mother in the 70's and 80's - there weren't any cell phones to carry around and be in constant contact. Your kid called you at work. Somehow it worked for all us working mothers that didn't have cell phones, FaceTime, texting etc. We survived and our kids survived. She must be raising some real "momma's boys".

Your continuing defense of Tolbert, while you do not hesitate to attack others, is WEIRD! Family friend? Get over it.

Arlene, Thank you for the correction. That's what I get for trying to multi-task and post at 2 a.m.

It was the vote to award the management contract for the $180 million dollar arena that EPT reported Tolbert wasn't present for.

It was also reported that there was no discussion before the vote.

The company awarded the contract is the same company that managed the stadium that went from $50 million represented to the taxpayer to an actual cost of $200 million according to a KVIA report on the actual cost of the stadium. I know that some will disagree but the cost of moving city hall and the Mulligan cost should have been disclosed upfront to the taxpayers as part of the total stadium cost. It is equivalent to land acquisition.

As a result the taxpayers got shafted for 4 times what voters were told they were approving. Not to mention the gross miscalculation and misrepresentation of the HOT tax coverage by Arrieta-Candelaria and the purposeful delay of issuing the bonds by Wilson.

Good stewardship of taxpayer funded projects starts with being present for the vote when awarding the management contract for the largest project on the QOL bond. And maybe actually ask some questions like what's to prevent this project from ballooning up 4 times the amount to $720 million. Are their safeguards in place to protect the taxpayer?

Skipping votes on management contracts to build public infrastructure is a weasel boy move.

I still stand by the rest of my statements in the first post.

Read my lips Tolbert you ignorant ass,you should not have made that statement about taxes. Look what happened to me. It should happen to you too.

" El Paso Rising" AWFUL! Rising in higher taxes! EPISD needs to hire the YISD ground game for a win

According to State statistics El Paso and Ft. Worth are the highest in paying for gas and property taxes, They are the highest in the whole state. Do not say that Tolbert is with Veronica and Susie. He might just be a mole for someone else. His best friend and neighbor is Monchie Torres. She hangs out with the Moreno crowd. Another thing is do NOT join his linketh program on the computer. He will steal every address there is and even the private ones. Family members won't talk to you anymore. And best friends will be offended by this. He is always trying to make me be friends with Aliana Holguin knowing that I really don't like her. He goes to everyone he can on the computer takes addresses and than says they have joined when they have not. Watch out for him because he will get you in trouble. Thank God I did not vote for him.


Lupe -- Isn't the Moreno crowd connected to the Shapleigh group? I thought they were a branch of the same family tree. Like cousins.

NO!!! They are not together. Have not been for a long time. The Democratic Party is very divided. There are too many groups now and there is no unity whatsoever. Another thing is that the Republican Party is also divided now. Too many people that we do not know are infiltrating these groups. It seems like they do not want any parties whatsoever, And watch out for all these things cause it might be communism setting in. With so many groups from different countries coming in who knows what is going to happen.

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