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August 22, 2016


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Beginning with the former city CFO.

This is a ridiculous bond and I wouldn't vote for it no matter who is running the show. The bond issue includes "luxuries" in my opinion. There is no evidence that a fine arts auditorium increases learning. Look at Bowie's fine art auditorium. There is no evidence that free laptops or iPads or cell phones increase learning. Again -- check out Bowie. There is no problem that our schools face that could not be cured by higher teacher pay. Forget the bond issue.

Amen to Juana.
Check this out from Brutus:

If they had an olympic contest for the highest tax rate in the nation it looks like El Paso would come in at second place in another year or so if the EPISD bond issue passes.

In Climbing to the top we wrote that El Paso taxpayers only had to clmb over an effective property tax of 2.675% in order to be higher than Milwaukee. The report we got our numbers from put us at 2.640%.

Tommy Gonzalez did clean out the people who will bring us this fresh hell. And look what thanks Tommy got. Tolbert said in his campaign he would never vote to raise taxes. So I guess he lied.

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