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September 07, 2016


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I question why most of those boards exist unless it is to make the community think they have input. I have been on 3 city boards. I found it a total waste of time. I'm not dumb enough to sit on another one. It makes you wonder about those willing to sit through endless meetings where nothing happens.

For the City Representative, it is an opportunity to pay out favors legally.

For the board member, it is a great way to pad a resume.

So in a nutshell...these things ain't going away any time soon.

Both of you are right! My beef is citizens that accept an appointment - even on the quasi-judicial boards (CPC and CSC) and never show up - or come every 3 months to a meeting.

Yawn. Me, I got an invite to a free lunch tomorrow at the Camino to hear the Korean embassy tell us why they don't want The Donald to remove US troops from their border (or charge them for the service) with North Korea. I guess his fox paws are making them nervous and they want us to keep more people guarding their border than we have guarding our own border in the US, where we actually are being invaded.

Is there a city board that deals with this? Could I get on it?

The City has boards for the same reason the police department has neighborhood watches -- so they can claim to have community input. But the boards have no real power unless a city representative pushes their recommendations. Why is Tolbert is spending so much of Council's time on this? His personal agenda is to give the Open Space Advisory Board (OSAB) recommendations as much time as possible on Council. He will give more of his attention to OSAB than to District 2.


Lou Holtz for a board.

The best Boards are the Jury and Grand Jury Boards...

Even paid company boards have preplexed me at times, once a year or quarter vip stuffed suit type stuff...

Power to the Collectives and Worker Owned Busineses of America!

[BTW i want to plug the NFL players protesting...another battle won by my -ex allamata cult the JW's way way back in 1942 in SCOTUS]

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