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September 01, 2016


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No doubt get out and vote, bond vote that is.

When i was a kid in a cult and told we dont vote, man i could understand not voting for a candidate, Nixon, Reagan whoever. But i could not understand why it would be wrong for something that affects your direct community even your neighborhood, such as a sewer improvement bond, Yaks!

So get and vote on this one people.

Someone needs to educate me on this Bond! I have never understood why a school district would act differently than a private company despite the fact they are spending other people's (taxpayers) money! Private company would say we are tearing down some schools and selling the land and instead of building new schools just bus the kids into the next closest school. The money saved in not building new schools can be used to upgrade the existing schools and buy a few extra school buses and the additional payroll for a few drivers. Might be oversimplifying but hopefully you get the picture. Why is that scenario NEVER an option? Thanks!

EPISD has nothing to lose. If it fails they can come back next year in the mayor + council election, or with a low voter turn out special election.

Look to see if they sign up 18 year old students to offset the no vote.

I would be glad to walk you through the bond. Can you contact me at sbyrd@episd.org and I will walk you through it?

There is a lot of fat in the bond issue as pointed out by a small contingent of people on the bond committee. There was no effort to save money. If we combine schools, there should be some savings somewhere but instead we have the biggest bond issue / tax increase ever. If it passes, we'll have the highest tax rates in the nation, another first for El Paso.
Also, I agree that the bond has never been explained. How can consolidation cost this much? Yes, some renovation is needed, but where? And how much will that particular project cost? And why should a school district that is losing students need this much money? Is downsizing that expensive?
I will vote. If it were not for the bond issue I would probably have stayed home. The presidential race is a bust for 60% of Americans. Many will just stay home to avoid voting for someone they don't like.

Ken: included in the bond issue is purchasing laptops for teachers and students. That to me is insane. The shelf life of a laptop is maybe 2 years and we are going to finance that for how long 20 or 30 years? Lay off a couple of high paid assistant superintendents and you can buy everybody a lap top in one year.

I agree with you. Closing a school? Sell it fast. Use the proceeds to pay down the bond debt. Won't happen. They don't tell you how much it will cost to maintain closed schools. They mention re-purpose them for some kind of community centers. Let's see, City Parks can't even afford to staff and keep open them facilities much less take on closed schools.

For some pretty good detail, check this August 21, 2016 El Paso TIMES article by reporter Lindsey Anderson, "Retooled Schools."

Some very good points:

1. "The shelf life of a laptop is maybe 2 years and we are going to finance that for how long 20 or 30 years?"

2. "Closing a school? Sell it fast." Recommend you ask a realtor if there's actually a market for those individual school sites?

3. Don't forget your comment: "They mention re-purpose them for some kind of community centers. Let's see, City Parks can't even afford to staff and keep open them facilities much less take on closed schools."

This bond is a real "pocket book" issue, so it will be interesting to see how taxpayers vote.

Susie byrd is toxic. too bad they have her in the front lines. Because of her & Escobars big raise, the bond will fail.

Please don't give these idiots any more precious
public money to burn. If Susie Byrd had stolen as much
money as she's wasted she'd be doing 20 years in jail.

Susie, you are not helping. You think you are beloved by all. You are not. You are an attention seeker who succeeds in getting on almost everyone's nerves. You are part of the problem. You and your drinking pal Escobar need to disappear. You are not helping El Paso.

EPISD never delivers on promises. Still waiting for the high school in North Hills that was promised during a bond election. Then they built Chapin. How nice. When they build the school in North Hills, then I might vote yes. Until then, NOPE!

Arlene, instead of your school, there are new football stadiums. Ask the Westside trustee who cheered the effort that circumvented what others approved why we should trust him and his colleagues.

Who the fuck keeps voting by the Byrd lady? I wish she would leave already.

Question : Isn't it true that we haven't even spent all the bond money yet from the previous bond and this board wants more ?

I will not support this bond issue. I would support a smaller issue with identified projects so EPISD could prove it knows how to execute before going for the big bucks. Until then how can they be trusted?

This was queued up by the previous board of managers that was basically the voice of the Usual Suspects. They have packed EPISD with their city hall favorite picks, the ones who did the bait-and-switch estimates on the QOL and the stadium.

Vote NO.

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