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September 13, 2016


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You didn't mention which office you are referring to in this post.

But what doesn't change is where all the money comes from. Susie Byrd might have the upper hand over say Jaime if only because Susie has a business to cut a check to.



Its for Mayor and District 2, 3, 4 and 7. It would be interesting if the media in this town asked all who are running what they think of the EPISD bond, higher salaries for commissioners etc and how that relates to overall taxes for a citizen.

I am sick and tired of Susie and Veronica. Wish they would go away - but that ain't gonna happen.

I believe in asking candidates where they stand on issues and also expect them to stand by their word. Jim Tolbert, District 2, did not stand by his word when he said he would not raise taxes. I look forward to another candidate -- a much better candidate than Tolbert -- for District 2.

If I could find out who supports the EPISD bond, I would vote against them. No, I would campaign against them, for their opponent. Someone ask Tobert if he is going to speak out against the EPISD bond. I am in his district but he doesn't speak to me.

Unfortunately the EPISD bond will be voted on in November. City elections will be in the spring of next year. We probably won't even know who is running for Mayor and Council until February, 3 months after the EPISD bond vote. Even those who announce early, including Margo, will probably not make a statement on the EPISD bonds because it's not City business. Same with County raises.

Besides taxes, what issues concern me on the City level? Corporate welfare/tax incentives, city ID, code enforcement, city efficiency come to mind. Most candidates just say what sounds good when they are running. And a depressing number of candidates can't even speak to these issues with any insight.

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