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September 29, 2016


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The contract for the park was rewarded at about 4.2 million dollars. This included all of the bells and whistles like teak wood for the benches. Looks like there needs to be an investigation into those at the City responsible for this mess.

They fired one guy in 2015 and that was it. I think the contractor had them by the short hairs because the engineering department, as usual, has zero documentation to produce that would make their case for LD's and other claims. This is the same contractor that did the EPT building renovation for city hall through a buy board process - which means whatever he wanted to charge he got it. City didn't even make him come back and do punchlist or warranty items on city hall. Wonder why?

So... what you're saying is that city employees can get away with about anything -- cooking the books, favoritism, possibly kick backs -- and we can't do anything about it. Could City Council? The Mayor? No, I guess it would make them look incompetent, which they are.

Maybe not now since there is a new city engineer and a new DCM of Public Works. Lets hope they do a better job of managing engineering. The past management of engineering was incompetent. Both of them are gone now. One is still working in the public sector.

City Council and Mayor have no earthly idea how to manage this situation. They are not smart enough to know what to look for and what questions to ask.

The Ball Park came out way more than Wilson and Carmen said it would. Now one is at EPISD(god help us) and the other at Workforce and many boards(like the CAD). Can't see much of a difference except this came out closer to the 2 legit quotes so I guess that's a silver lining compared to the Ball Park.

A 3 million dollar underbid is not close.

Those responsible (Wilson, Ramirez, etc.) are all gone, except for Niland and her change orders and the guy (Lopez) who helped Tolbert oust Romero. That is the part you all are missing. Lopez should be fired. He knew it was coming, so he falsified info to help Tolbert in order to protect his job. The guy is incompetent but kisses council's behinds, so they love him.

Lopez has filed complaints against the CM and has an EEOC complaint going. He is protected until its resolved. I hear he is one of the most hated people in engineering. He is a prolific backstabber.

Regardless; took way to long to finish at any price! That said still a long walk to find a restroom...

Haiduc, the restrooms at San Jacinto were closed many, many years ago for good reason. Unless you are one of the pedophiles that used them, stop complaining.

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