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September 15, 2016


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abeytia is a loser and will need kathy's retirement to survive since blogs dont qualify for 401k plans. he still owes child support in maricopa county. someone give him a ride to sheriff arpaio's office

That picture is from Vince's first campaign - right? Because he has zero competition for re-election. No need to spend 1 cent for campaigning.

I like Saucedo. Think he is a refreshing change from the status quo and is not a Shapleigh camper like Byrd, Ortega and O'Rourke were. Already hearing the powers that be are not taking Saucedo seriously and turning up their noses when his name is mentioned.

Gee...if Perez & gang (to include Byrd and Escobar)are against Saucedo, then I'm for him.
Not long ago, Jaime said he was hoping for a young, Hispanic candidate but, sadly, the powers that be would probably destroy him / her -- that old racist theme. So here comes a young, educated Hispanic and what happens? You guessed it. Jaime's main complaint is that Saucedo is a Republican. However, the mayoral race is non-partisan. Jaime's prejudices are rampant. His blog is not worth reading.

But can Saucedo control the babies on Council. Tolbert, Niland, and Ordaz need a daddy mayor to keep them from totally waisting Council's time.

Dee Margo is the person to beat in that race. Saucedo looks interesting & somewhat refreshing. My guess is Dee Margo would be in favor of the EPISD Bond, but have not heard him actually comment one way or the other yet!

Oh yes very well put, Saucedo reminds us of Sheriiff Leo Samaniego,
Samniego was squeaky clean bowed down to no one led his
department to #1 status for years. Saucedo is the same person
but for Mayor. If Abeytia is behind on child support what do u think
a nice size XXL pink jumpsuit would fit great in Arpaio's jail !!?
Give Saucedo a chance ....

Question: just what kind of experience does Saucedo actually bring to the mayor's office?

And that goes equally for the former basketball player who is also rumored to be running?

Since some folks complain so strongly that Leeser is such a weak mayor, what will we get from either of the above candidates?

Well let's see based on people that comment on blogs it appears there is not a single person on this Universe that can be our Mayor because either they are too young, an aging jock, aligned with the wrong group, wrong party, on and on. I think Jesus Christ is not available to run for Mayor. If the national election is any indication I think people really and truly want to see outsiders run for office and not the usual suspects. Why do you think Leeser beat Ortega? He was an outsider and a likeable outsider. He is dealing with the hand he was dealt as far as council members go. I think Leeser is doing a good job. I think David Saucedo is a good person and willing to interrupt his life and business to run for Mayor and people should not read anything more into his motives. I think it was same with Leeser.

Be suspicious of also rans - that's where you need to question motives and alliances.

I don't think Saucedo did a good job handling the whole Cathedral speaker thing. Came across as whiney and defensive. However, if Jaime and Company hate him so much, he has my vote!

Abandon Hope, hopefully Tolbert does not win in May and hopefully neither does that nut case Cemelli.

Rick Rainger-abeytia's fat ass would look horrible in pink chones but he would love the bologna sammies....

As a Graduate of Cathedral, via Jesuit, let me say this. These "Speed Bumps" were intended for Cathedral and their teen agers.

The Speed Bumps would have been more appropriate at St. Patricks with the Real little kids...!!

Why the Diocese of El Paso had them placed at a place where teen agers, instead of little kids, cross streets is a mystery to me.

One aspect DID come up that it would have cost $60,000 to $100,000 to install, which Cathedral/The Diocese would have absorbed once completed.

I've read numerous times on this blog, where they say "little Kids. No. Please correct that notion. It was the Diocese/Cathedral trying to cut corners and use its influence on former grad, Larry Romero.

August Snodgrass, my children went to St. Patrick's elementary. Elementary students are with their PARENTS or another adult because they are not allowed off the school grounds without an adult. Therefore, they NEVER cross the street without an adult. In addition, there is a crossing guard.

Totally agree. If the Escobar flu keeps are against him, he has my vote. Besides we need fresh ideas instead of the same old garbage.

"We have to raise your taxes/fees to fund another want instead of need".

We have reached the point that a dart throwing monkey would provide better policy and direction.

I think I would like to vote for a dart throwing monkey.

Arlene Taute, you make a great point! The person who runs this Blog keeps saying how the speed bumps were intended for saving little kids lives. I appreciate your input, and as I recall, don't they put up temporary metal signs while school is in session as a reminder to speeding cars?

No, they don't, Augustus Snodgrass. There are permanent signs posted on Stanton but they do not have flashers and are easy to miss. Most people ignore them and speed through.

Sorry, I agree with this blogger. They may be teens, but they are still kids. And, some of them are more unlikely to look both ways because that is just how teens are. A speeding car would kill them. What everyone seems to miss is that Niland, through her former staff member, initially requested the speed humps, not Romero.

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