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September 26, 2016


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Quit frankly, I'm impressed by your analysis but too lazy to follow the details. However I totally agree that the fox (Ms. Carmen Arrieta-Cadelaria) is guarding the EPISD hen house (I stole the police chief's analogy that Tolbert doesn't grasp.) The fox has a co-fox, Carlos Galilar from City planning. As I say, abandon hope.

But where were the bus loads of tourists from Van Horn and Sierra Blanca when the plaza opened? Didn't Cortney say they'd be there?

All that money paid out and no tourists. It makes me think that DTEP really is just a pigeon shit quarry.

I laughed when I read that story on the KVIA web site. I never believed -- nor did anyone else -- that the contractor would pay the "late fees." I would like to know how and why city staff fixed this contract.
The Plaza, the finished product, is okay. The landscape is good, the rest is average.... too much cement. Why Niland every said that it would be a tourist magnet is beyond me.

And BTW, Jerry, you should get out once in a while. Downtown is actually a fun place to go. Super good restaurants, more prettied up buildings every year, great concerts and more and more people living there.

DT, are you talking about El Paso ? It's busy during the day because of work but dead at night. Baseball creates a traffic jam in the evening.

Concerts? Al Fresco ?

It looks crowded because of all the construction. One fender bender and it looks like NYC

All I know is that I still do not understand why the plaza needed to be completely rebuilt, or why it should have been necessary to make it appeal to Millenials. Who, after all, is paying for the damn thing?


I'll try it. I think Anson is OK, but not much else there. Maybe when all the hotels we're paying for with our taxes come on line it will improve.

Beer: there was an outdoor concert Saturday night at the intersection of Main and Mesa.

Best thing about this contractor getting a pass is that he can claim he was never charged LD's or failed to complete a project. He walked away with a clean record. Smart guy - certainly outsmarted our crack legal team at the city.

Downtown park is not bad thing. Sure, the way El Paso handled it was pretty shit, but if property values around the park rise, then that is a trend in the right direction. And homeowners should want property values in downtown to rise, if anything to take the tax burden off of them.

If downtown proponents have faults maybe it is when the sell downtown improvements as quick fixes. The truth downtown is a long-term project - in almost any American city.



Plaza looks nearly identical to what it was before; a little more grass, lots of concrete, with a tarp, no bathrooms, and no place to put the lighted xmas tree.

DTEP is just North Juarez. That's it. How much was the total on the Plaza ? If it was still cheaper than the other 2 contractors quoted then the taxpayer saved money.

Based on the retainage paid the total contract is $3-4 million more than the original award of around $4.5 million. I am sure the city has locked up the contract forever and no one will be able to get the truth through an open records request.

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