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November 09, 2016


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Congrats, Sheriff Wiles, Beto, et al.

Too bad about the bonds now that Ms. Fuzzy Math is in charge of the accounting. You're right, David, that parents likely will not get what they voted for.

Check out the EPISD vote by the individual precincts. Interesting. The college educated voted no and the non college -educated voted yes. Go figure.

May 2017 has 4 EPISD Trustees up for re-election - wonder if anti-bond voters will get their revenge in that vote.


Why would you want a city to go Republican just to attain funds? I feel that El Paso simply is more progressive than the surrounding counties. Switching parties would have a negative impact in the borderland, especially with the Trump regime. If your opinion does stand, does that mean that Travis, and Bexar counties are going to the abyss as well?

El Paso is more progressive than surrounding communities? I guess that's Sierra Blanca, Van Horn, Horizon, Socorro, San Elizario, Vinton, Anthony.......

You don't seem to get the concept. Even the super duper Democrat Shapleigh knew this - El Paso #1 doesn't vote in great numbers; #2 they always, always, always vote overwhelming Democrat. Which is fine if your State government is majority Democrat - then you get to feed at the government give-away trough with the rest of the Democrat controlled cities. But - that's not the case. Texas is still Majority republican and they will take care of their own first before they help the others. Democrats do the same damn thing - so don't go making that argument.

Agree, except El Paso has the only ineffective Rep party in the US. They do nothing to recruit, organize, support candidates, lead. There is a refusal to change to meet the needs of the community's needs.

The bigger shame is when they do have a good candidate they provide tepid support. Who in the heck is going to be a candidate knowing they will be on their own. FT Apache under attack without the cavalry coming to the rescue. Just an occasional "hold your position we know you're fighting hard".

The real problem is they haven't organized or recruited new people or solicited new ideas. The ranks are filled with those that are hanging on with a vise like hold on responsibilities instead of delegating or assigning positions to other. A sure way to disaster when you have a few with numerous positions that should be distributed. That's a major mistake when their belief that one is the only one that knows anything. We are born with two arms not eight.

That's a good point. There certainly have been a lot of really bad candidates, Democrats. But the local GOP cannot put up a good opposing candidate. It's so bad that one of the worst things you can be accused of, even in the city elections, is that you're a Republican.

I feel Buchino was the start of something good even if he lost. He was organized, likable, and the local GOP actually got off their geriatric butts and block walked/called for him. Adolfo even helped him get funding from the state wide GOP.
Adolfo is a good leader. And slowly but surely, you are going to see more activism from the local Republicans.

No one should put down Shapleigh so much. He did a very good job when he was in the Senate. Then he was able to get all the people that were doing wrong in the education dept. Everyone makes mistakes. Around here though if you keep doing wrong that's when you keep getting voted in. Just look at Emma Acosta, and now she is running for mayor. There goes our taxpayer money again/

Until the El Paso Republicans can find a compelling candidate to overcome 98,910 straight ticket Dem voters, you're just tossing good money and energy down the drain. Pick fights you can win.

I've seen great Republicans run. Judge Hicks was well liked on both sides of the aisle and ran a terrific campaign. His opponent had a laundry list of ethics violations and complaints. He fell to 75K straight ticket Dem voters vs his earned 40K votes.

Probably one of the most pathetic things I while sitting in the gallery during the last session was Rodriguez sitting all by himself on the floor reading his smart phone while the other members were conferencing and putting together votes on some bill or another. When the vote was called he was the only Nay. Not that he was required to "get along" but pretty much no one cared what he thought or felt they needed his support on a bi-partisan bill.

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