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November 17, 2016


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Can you enlighten us as to what effect you believe this will have on El Paso communities?

What do you expect from a reader less rag that over priced itself at $1.00, then had the balls to raise the price to $1.50!

This was front page story on the Times this morning. So, yes, El Paso did hear about it. -- I assume that is your complaint, that the Times did not cover the sale of WNR.


The "complaint" is that this was not something that happened overnight. EPT should have known, and at least reported on, the fact the WNR was looking for a buyer a while back. Instead, Bob Moore, who appears to gunning for a PR gig or job as a press secretary for the Democratic Party, slept on the wheel the biggest business story in EP since EP Corp left EP.



The story is 2 days late.

MAX: Read stock market news. No one knew Western Refining was looking for a buyer. In fact, there are already several suits in the process saying that WNR did not shop for buyers and because of that, it was sold too cheaply. The news was top secret until the announcement.
I have the same complaints about the Times and their never ending love affair with Escobar but don't think this criticism meets the fact check test.

Bob Moore is barely sentient at this point. He responds to certain cues and familiar commands but his higher brain functions have been all but obliterated by the corrosive effect of years of lying to his friends and community. He is hardly a Democrat. He might qualify as a Rick Perry Republican. But it's a buyer's market. Liars are a dime a dozen these days.

If the Times or anyone else knew the company was for sale, and published any information that investors could profit from, that would be considered accessory to insider trading.





So there is no impact on El Paso communities. I guess that's why it wasn't news.


That's not much of an answer.. can't you do any better than that?

Stahala -- According to EP, Inc the only impact on the local community is the prestige of having a publicly owned (as in stockholders) company in town. With Western Refining owned elsewhere, El Paso only has two publicly owned companies now -- Helen of Troy and EP Electric.

I think there might be an indirect impact on property taxes. When Paul Foster asked the Central Appraisal District to lower his property taxes a couple of years ago, they probably listened more carefully because he lives here and is well-known. When the San Antonio owner asks the same, will the Appraisal District be sympathetic?

People - the whole point of the blog post was to point out that EPT doesn't follow business news - which they don't. Piss poor business section in the paper. So of course they had no idea what was going on. You have to subscribe to WSJ or Barron's or major newspapers to get any real business news in this town. Agree that it really doesn't impact the employment situation at WR - only the white collar professionals that moved to Tempe a few years ago.


That answer is good because what you said was dumb.

If what you said was true then all reporters at the WSJ, or another business columnist that works for a newspaper, would be in jail.




You are a moron to expect that the Times or any other news organization is incompetent for *not* knowing about highly confidential public acquisition.

Speaking of the EPTimes -- in a story about the incompetence of UMC, there was this paragraph.

"Between 2011 and 2012, UMC rated two times worse than the historic average, dropping significantly to the national average in 2013. But in 2014 and 2015, again moved up to nearly two times worse than the historic average."

Can anyone tell me what that means? Does your rating go up when it drops? And get worse when goes up??? And whose historic average are they talking about?

I need help reading the paper!

Steve was right aka Vero and clan, Max said your comment was dumb, not you, yet you call him a name. Are you in 2nd grade?

So the Times (aka El Paso National Enquirer) can obtain highly confidential information when Moore thinks that the city manager is at fault but not for anything else? Wonder why? Moore tried to drag the CM through the mud with the scam that took place when any half-intelligent person knows Raymond Telles of the CRRMA is the one who got scammed and is at fault. Has nothing to do with the city manager, yet Moore was already digging his grave again. Moore's vendetta is ridiculous and he should be fired. Wouldn't pay a peso for his rag. Even the National Enquirer gets a story right now and then.

David Sanchez,

Sorry if Max's feelings were hurt. Perhaps we could give him an participation award for trying though. Or maybe DK can create a safe space for bloggers to feel more comfortable.

However the Times procured their information is fair game. If they learned of the sale of WNR, they would have certainly scooped the story. Obviously Western to a good job of keeping it confidential. Otherwise the WSJ and other media with more resources would have picked it. It's absolutely foolish to criticize a newspaper for not knowing a secret.


Where is your criticism of the San Antonio Express for not previously publishing a story about their local oil company Tesoro's intention to buy Western?

Say what you want, the EPT stinks. Stunk before Western Refining sold, still stinks. They miss a lot of important local stories. The meager local reporting they have is inaccurate and biased.

Abandon Hope

No argument there.. and the same sentiments go towards meager, inaccurate biased thin-skinned bloggers.

Steve was Right, yet you continue to read and post on said "meager, inaccurate biased thin-skinned bloggers" sites. My guess is you are Jaime A or one of Veronica's and Bob's other minions. Sad to be you. Can't post an intelligent post without being insulting.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mr. Sanchez.

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