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November 07, 2016


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Thank you.

There is no way to get around it. The CITY paid the wrong person. All the RMA did was ask for a payment to be made. They had no way of knowing the routing number had been changed.

I do not blame the City Manager but I think it is incumbent on him to get rid of whoever is responsible. If he cannot clean his house of incompetents, then he should be blamed.

The city has now stopped paying vendors electronically and will go back to issuing checks. That should tell you something! They cannot trust their system.

There is a reason that electronic payments are not common. You need fraud proof software and trained personnel. That kind of software is very expensive. The city finance person made a decision to go ahead with electronic payments without a fraud proof system in place. He / she screwed up. End of story.

D2V- get a fricking clue. The city accounting department doesn't do shit for the RMA unless Telles at the RMA tells them to do it.

If city vendors want to change their account number they must complete a new form. You can't just send an email without the form and it would be stupid to even send the form through email. We all know how easy it is to hack email.

It's cheaper for businesses and governments that issue thousands of checks to do electronic payments. It saves them from paying bank fees to process cancelled checks. Does you paycheck get deposited into your bank account. How save and secure to you think that is? Ask the 51 EPISD employees whose accounts were hacked and their payroll checks re-routed.

It's time to go back to paper people.

The fraud was committed thru email, with a letter attached on fake letterhead. It went to the city. The city made the change. They then paid the fake vendor.

My paycheck is on paper and I don't think electronic payments are safe at all. Glad I get a check.

D2V has no earthly clue how vendor payments are handled. Vendor has a pretty good idea how payments are done at the City. No RMA payments are made without Telles approval. He is the only RMA employee. For the entire RMA, Raymond Telles is the only employee. All vendor payments must be approved by Telles.

If you get Telles emails you will see who approved the bank account information change. It is sad that Telles was tricked by the fake vendor. But that is how the whole thing works. People act as the legitimate vendor to get you to change the bank account info. Then when a legitimate invoice is paid, it goes to the fake people. Then you money disappears into cyber space.

TxDot Knows...great post.


I am be an anomaly for someone in my age group, but you are right about paperwork. Paper makes book keeping easier. Even with ACH payments I always end up printing the "stub". Unless you are a giant company that pays out every 120 days, I don't see why you give up paper. And I say this as someone who hates paperwork in my own personal life.



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