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December 19, 2016


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No DK, the empty convention center will finally be put down and a new glorious empty arena will rise in it's place to keep the empty city coffers company.

I wonder if Limon's move to use the convention center is a back door way to get more money for the Hispanic cultural center. Remember that group needs to raise $15-20 million to fill in the gap between bond money budgeted for the project and estimated costs for their now super duper center. Don't underestimate her groups ability to con the rest of the city out of money for their baby.

And karma is a bitch. Ethics complaint filed against Tolbert along with other council members. This issue will certainly affect the mayoral election. Hope the media starts asking the announced candidates what they would do.

Good point, Who cares!

Tolbert is NOT the nice man you preached about. He's an ASS

Sounds like a bad plan to me. I know that the convention center doesn't book much but to have no conventions there for 3 or 4 years would be hard on the downtown hotels, which pay for the ballpark bonds.
All those people showing up at council -- they could not possibly all be residents of the arena site. They are students that were probably required to be there by Professor Grossman.
Council has screwed this up royally.

You are correct, Juana.

What a holiday hoot. In this recent fight with the history people and residents, don't remember the downtown business community being very vocal about that site south of the convention center. Did I miss something here?

Now the last minute Old Cookie comes forward with objections should the current convention center site be used.

Then on that KVIA Sunday evening TV discussion show, history guy Grossman, who is apparently a UTEP employee, suggests the old, now UTEP owned Asarco site for possible consideration. Is that double dealing? And who would front his group in a legal battle with the city?

Since Leeser will not be running again for mayor, he can say 'to hell' with the arena, and now simply push the problem to the next mayor and council.

Wonder if those involved end up killing this arena thing with delays, and by jacking up the likely final cost so much, that no one longer wants the thing?

What a great holiday hoot.

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