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December 14, 2016


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I would say Los Tigres del Norte should have the title of "The Beatles of Mexico".

You are correct about the financial situation. The city is broke. If the City of El Paso had to pay all of it's bills tomorrow they would be short some 300 million dollars. The City is broke and all of this borrowing the city is doing is to keep the city open.

All of the money spent on Downtown has not put one single dollar into the general fund. All you have seen is continued tax increases, tax increases masquerading as fees and franchise fees on your water bill while services have been curtailed and the city not able to pave streets.

The anti arena location group seems to be focusing their argument on an 85-year old man given an eviction notice by a landlord for non payment of rent. Plus the apartment building is not even in the actual proposed footprint of the arena. So, they have no one who is actually affected coming forward with a sad story. I notice the groups average age is 20 and I believe DavidK's statement that they are getting extra credit from their hero professor Grossman. The ignorance of these young people who have no earthly idea how municipal government works is mind boggling. Sad that they will make fools out of themselves because they refuse to research and understand the process and the results of ballot initiative that was approved by voters.

There are at least five good reasons to not build the arena in Duranguito, and three of those are reasons to not build the arena at all.

It got added to the ballot through fraud. It duplicates three other under-utilized facilities in the City. It costs $180 million we don't have. It's destroying an historic neighborhood. And it's putting poor people out of their homes, so rich people can watch entertainment from luxury suites.

But hey, City Council knows what's good for us. So shut up and take it.

The city's and county's past performance with "business cases" is not so good. Remember the $48MM stadium that would break even, even when it became the $68MM stadium plus the $20MM Wilson bond interest gift to Steve's mayoral bid.

Should I even mention Children's Hospital?

So, even if there is a business case for a new stadium, and there probably won't be because it is mandated in the QOL, what would it mean?

Really, if business cases for new capital projects were the criteria for their approval, they should just ask the people who will benefit directly, like Hunt, Foster, Abraham et al. The answer they will get is, "Hell yes, it's good for my business."

And that's all they need to know.

Is there any way to have another vote to "not" build the Arena ?

DavidK -- I'm amazed at how you hate El Paso, yet keep writing about us. Does it make your day to look down your nose at we back-water hicks?

well, the behavior is back water hicks. just missing the banjo, although we did have the Deliverance guitar player.

I have never seen so many stupid people in one location. They can't get enough of the nasty of the stick. Even worse are the politicians that keep telling us everything is going great.

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