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December 01, 2016


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This Susan Melendez person is clearly nervous that she will lose her "position" as a major player in El Paso. Without the CRMA how will she get her name in front of the media?

Lessor has now given me two reasons to respect him. First was his great put-down of Veronica Escobar when he refused to fire Chief Allen. And now this releasing of emails. This is great. Just when Melendez, the mouthpiece of the establishment left, says the city is responsible, Lessor releases the emails. Way to go Lessor!!!

Because of its powers that non elected CRRMA entity needs all the attention the media can give it. Here is a comment from a Times editorial, “The CRRMA has the authority to build and operate parking garages, international bridges as well as projects in Mexico and New Mexico.”

the emails sent from the city to the el paso slimes shows that one guy is responsible for bossing around city staff after they questioned the bank numbers. it's unfortunate that bob moore won't be a man and report the news.

Reading the emails my first red flag was the words "kind regards" - who says that in a construction company? Seriously?!! I would have been suspicious just by those words.

I see the city and the RMA are now in a love fest. Bottom line - its not a crime to be gullible and fall victim to a scam. What is sad is that the RMA employee tried so hard to blame it all on city staff and the truth is - he is totally and completely to blame. Bet everyone involved now will have a difficult time trusting anything he does or says. I would.

Who do you have to kill in this town to get fired?

Well said, "Contractor".

Maybe it is not a crime to be gullible but it is a crime to be careless. Someone of the stature of head of the CRRMA should be informed enough to follow procedure. If procedure had been followed, the scam would not have worked. He should be fired. It is ridiculous how the public sector hangs on to people who screw up. In the private sector they would be fired. Face it, he is not qualified to run the CRMA. Give him a job as a clerk.

Ironic all the kudos given to Telles for handling "billions" in tax money for RMA projects. He doesn't do crap. Atkins manages everything to do with the engineering and construction. All Telles does is create agendas and conducts RMA meetings. No wonder it was so damn easy to scam him. Had the fake Granite people visited with Atkins - they would have figured out the scam right away.

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