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December 22, 2016


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You are wrong and your 'lil friend Tolbert is wrong. We can all think what we want and say what we want in private. If those who sit on the dais (a place of honor) do not respect the public, they likewise do not respect their position or responsibility. The mayor, rightfully, called out Tolbert, as well as members of the public who were out of line.

Council needs to remember who put them there and quit acting like babies. What's next? Are our representatives going to duking it out with the public like the Philippine Congress? (My money's on Limon.)

Voters in District 2 need to vote Tolbert out. Frankly, DK your hatred of El Paso is getting annoying.

David, there was an old ankle biter that was the best! He was Mr. Gilbert, he always had his facts and researched everything. He would admit if he was wrong about something. But, that was seldom. He was very good at what he did with his research and evidence. He would go in the council meetings armed to the teeth in whatever he had legal wise. Another person that was an ankle biter was Jack Bradford he just passed away at the beginning of the month. Are you just listening to Tolbert that believes in burning both ends of the stick and not be loyal to no one in particular. Sure hope we can get rid of him quick. He is a bid on the uncouth side when he cannot control his words or temper to the public.
we have free speech laws and that is why people go to these meetings and let out what they feel. Different strokes for different folks that is what I say. I thought better of you until now.

Lupe - You're so wright about Ray Gilbert. I admired him greatly and he always had the taxpayer in mind when he went before Council. I had several conversations with him and miss him a lot. During the last conversation I had with Ray he told me he trusted what Jim Valente at UMC/Thomason told him about the sound financing of Children's Hospital. That was a mistake, but it happens to even the best and Ray Gilbert was the best.

Perhaps Ann Lilly has some "old-timers" but Jim Tolbert has worse -- disrespect for about everyone, hatred for many and an elevated sense of himself. In short, Tolbert is a jerk. Don't point the finger at Ann Lilly and turn around and give Tolbert a pass! Your prejudices are showing.

Oscar works in a snake pit filled with conniving liars that have no honor. I'm sure going back to it will seem like a beautiful vacation after being the Mayor.

Hello everyone I am a newbie to el paso politics and the real world in general, and I was directed to this blog by Lionstar when I asked him how I get informed. Does anyone know if there is some way to contact DK privately so I can ask him some questions?

For the other members of the Refuse Juice community hello! How do you all get informed and educated regarding El Paso Politics and shit?

Lilly was the CC's resident mummy. She must have drunk some tanis leaf tea and resurrected from the tomb.

If you were on a jury about the incident between Lilly and the City Employee who would you believe under oath ? Sounds like Lilly cant control her temper. What a C___ !

I believe the mayors version more than I do Lilly. No way would he have asked her opinion on the arena. Both her and Rut have an opinion about everything that goes on at the city. And, nothing was ever done about the city street department employee's complaint against Lilly for threatening him. It just went away. Because Esparza never, ever, prosecutes elected officials.

Doesn't matter which version you believe, they both sound like juveniles. I expect more of our mayor. Lilly is out of office. She can act however she wants.

Exactly, D2V. And I disagree,"who cares". Leeser has a very bad temper. Just ask those who worked with him when he was a car salesman.

This is the way the Lilly's operate. They don't like the little people and think they are above all that. Amazing how Ann Lilly changed her tune on the former City Engineer and her minion when it came time for the CM's ethics hearing. She used those two to run off the deputy CM. Can't trust her - therefore don't trust a word she says about the incident. She changed her story more than once on Treegate.

So Leeser, who owns a business was mean to an employee - really? What reality do you live in David Sanchez? Oh that's right - government - where you are protected by civil service and can never be disciplined or fired.

Not sure where you got that I am in government, "who cares". Seems to me that you are since you know so much about what happened.

For the record, I did not say when Leeser owned his business. I said when he was a car salesman - meaning BEFORE he owned his own business. Word is, he was so pissed at another salesman who he thought stole his sale, he dented the side of a car with the dudes head. And this was only one of many situations.

By the way, seems like maybe your real name is Taylor Moreno.

I also heard bad things about Leesor when he was a car salesman including his inability to walk away from an argument. But my real issue here is with Tolber who also seems to have a self control problem. What's up with our local goverment? The mayor getting into a public argument and a council member using swear words during a council meeting? Tolbert is your hero? Really?

The worst part, Hilda, is that Tolbert used to be a minister.

This blog has been super slow and boring 😴
A Facebook conversation is more effective than these single spaced pieces of boredom.

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