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January 23, 2017


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I thought you called in the Rangers when you needed someone shot. Or was that 100 years ago?

I am sure in hindsight the council members involved wished they had just waited until the next council meeting and discussed reversing their decision. Would have been simple. Or they could have had an emergency special called meeting like the Mayor did in 2013 over the stupid Lincoln Center. There was no emergency.

Just once I wish a politician would make a decision and stick to it - without regard to re-election or recall petitions. Note to council: grow a set. Stand by your decisions and quit throwing staff and everyone else in El Paso under the bus because you are too chickens**t to own your decisions.

Note to Council: Get some eggs.

Maybe they didn't have a quorum but they had a "rolling quorum" which is illegal. And they planned the meeting. It wasn't spontaneous. They took up an issue and planned how they would vote as a block. Sounds pretty illegal to me.

But the best part is the emails. Jim I'm-a-Key-Player Tolbert has now drawn an opponent. See what can come from all of this? Even if they don't get slapped with the potential penalties (can't you just see them in jail?) they look so much less that ethical. What goes around, comes around, eh Tolbert?

Wish they would put Lily Limon and Jim Tolbert in jail and leave them there. Whoever runs against Tolbert I am willing to help in any way I can.
This is the only place that I have lived that puts people in jail then, when they come out they get their cushy jobs back.
Only in El Paso!

Agree with Who Cares. Council was unanimous and confident in their first Arena vote in October despite never publicly vetting the arena location possibilities. Sure, I know publicly vetting is a dirty word in El Paso but something of this magnitude demands transparency.

Then, 4 members of Council and the mayor decide they made the wrong decision and start a movement, with the help of the history lobby, to moon-walk back their vote. The 4 moon-walking reps say their first vote wasn't their fault because they were mislead by the City Manager. What a load of BS.

I don't want an arena and I sure don't want an arena in Duranguito, but I also don't want 4 members of Council and the mayor meeting outside of a public meeting with key members of a lobby to decide anything. They don't get it. A rolling quorum is the same as a quorum.

Noe is the only person on Council thinking straight about this. He re-opening the discussion in a public meeting and put everything back on the table. That's the right thing to do. Start over.

And, for the record, members of the ethics committee are not allowed to attend or vote on anything relating to the rep who appointed them.

AH: I agree. Dr. Noe seems to be the only one on council that understands the process and open meetings etc. I don't know, maybe because he is a doctor and makes life and death decisions - so he knows how to logically approach an issue or a decision and doesn't second guess himself because 10 people bitched about it to him.

I thought it was funny that Limon admitted she is a "visual" learner - so anything given to her in writing without pictures she just can't get her head around it and understand it. Too many years of teaching kindergarten?

is it just me or does this article sound like an apology for being a friend of Tolbert ?

question -- Right on! Obviously it's getting pretty difficult to defend Tolbert.

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