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January 06, 2017


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Texas is not going to elect a Dem for Senate, even to replace an asshole like Cruz. Beto is throwing away his secure seat and the loss is El Paso's. You are correct on this.

But what about a 3-way race for Senate? Could make things interesting.



I think this is really great!!! Beto O'Rourke for US Senate and Veronica for Congress, that is fantastic!!!

These two are very professional and honest and that is what I like about them. We need more people like them to join the chorus!!!

Somebody please talk Beto out of running for the Senate! The end result has to be someone better than Escobar, which would be almost anyone else. Looking at the bigger long term picture, what does Beto do after he loses to Cruz?

Ken: he gets a job - a real job - but he will have qualified for the nice fat retirement pay Congressmen get.

Don't count out Cesar Blanco - a return to the Reyes faction of the local democrat party.

Perfect for Escobar - son is at Harvard, husband is a lawyer for the feds in EP and can transfer if she wins. You will never see her back in EP unless its election time. Kind of like Mary Gonzales.

Beto is making sure he doesn't stay in a particular political seat for very long. At least that is cool.

Mayor Leeser is running for Congress if Beto runs for Senate. He announced early.


Texas Standard reported this morning that Mathew Doud would run for the Senate seat as an independent. Everyone knows he is a republican. With two republicans in the race, Beto would have a chance. But I disagree with DK. He is very liberal... promoting open borders and very firm on a two state solution for Israel and big on entitlements. On city council, he proved that he is a progressive who favors government intervention. He also promotes legalization of marijuana.

I do hope that Beto runs against that horrible Cruz. And, I won't count him out that quickly. I know that Texas politics is heavily weighted in favor of the rethublicans, thanks to the gerrymandered districts, but that does not mean it is hopeless. As for "who cares'" comment about "he will have qualified for the nice fat retirement pay Congressmen get," I have to ask, where do you get that idea? Please do some fact checking before you repeat false information. Elected officials can indeed qualify for pensions just as all other federal employees can. They must pay into it for a minimum number of years, and then, they have a limit to just how much their pension might be. But, at least twenty years of service are needed to qualify, just as with most other pensions plans.

Lupe, what have you been smoking? Escobar is a nightmare - self-centered, self-entitled, mean, vindictive nightmare. People like you who vote for her are the problem.

David, you are correct! Escobar is a nightmare.

Dungan gets it wrong again!

Orourke IS qualified for a pension at age 62 . Get YOUR facts straight before repeating false information.

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