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January 04, 2017


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Let's see the CRRMA director and only employee is a lawyer. Let's see-he has done his research and talked to his important lawyer buddies including his wife and is now doing a planned roll out of proving his innocence. He is like John Podesta-he just cannot admit he was scammed.

DK - You will not know this unless you check your own links. Anytime you link to an EP Slimes article, the reader is directed to a sales form, not the article. Sorry, I'm not supporting that sorry excuse of a paper.

I told you some things and others you left out. The cancellation of payment happens all too often within the city. Somebody who can't type puts in the wrong numbers and the first payment gets rejected by the bank and they always have to do it again and thats why theres multiple records of payment submitted, but not paid.

Jaime is an idiot if he doesn't see that all Telles did was ask if his vendor was paid twice. Telles never asked if the right person was paid. Jaime infers that Telles selective email drop is some kind of proof that he's not an idiot who got fooled and Jaime is dumb. Jaime is all about the raza but some big fat white guy tell him what to blog and when to blog. what a pocho.

The Shapleigh Campers can own me too. But with Jaime's going rate of free it's hard to compete. I'd settle with shots of Fernet Branca at Hope and Anchor with Vero. La dolce vita.



The emails told us nothing. I don't see any proof one way or another and I, too, was confused when the Times tried to make the released emails into a story. But I don't know what the big secret is. Someone was scammed. That person should be replaced or that person's boss should be fired. Witholding who was at fault is not going to impede the police investigation. So, note to the City: spill the beans. Come forth like a big boy and let the public know the truth. Chatty Kathys doesn't do it for me.

im waiting for the shapleigh campers and the city to blame me. the dems blame me for hillary losing.

The city hall culture is obsessed with scapegoating. There has to be a fall guy when something goes haywire. The real question is, was there a systemic fault in the system that a manager is responsible for, because it is managers who define the system?

From what I am reading, the system worked and it was overridden by the CRRMA. This, of course, won't stop the Horde from finding a fall guy in city hall and seeing him/her sacked.

The exception to this rule is when the mistake benefits the Usual Suspects, like Wilson's $20MM delay of the stadium bonds to favor Steve Ortega's failed bid for mayor. No fall guy needed in that case as it was just an honest mistake.

good one jerryk.

What the heck is this ? term "Shapleigh Campers"?

"Shapleigh Campers" is my take on the group that kind of sit around looking up to this demagogue camp counselors. It comes from years past when kids at a certain summer camp were called "the lake winitauke campers".

I see Shapleigh Campers are little naive kids just excited to be at camp and believing everything their camp counselors say and in the end working as a brainless team to achieve Shapleigh's goals.

Calling them "shapleighites" doesn't capture the real brainless naiveté here.

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