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January 05, 2017


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Dee Margo will be elected as our next Mayor. He has the business sense, and IQ to lead our city.

Dee will perfect the trickle-up economy of all fungible city assets to the Usual Suspects.

As for Niland, no one likes her and she knows it. So maybe she is saving herself the embarrassment of being the next Steve Ortega?

Dee Margo is not much of anything!!!

What about Emma? She has looked smart on City Council lately -- but, I admit, that's not too hard to do.

Scratch Mayor Leeser off the list. He will be running for O'Rourke's vacated Congressional seat


O'Rourke Likely to Challenge Cruz in 2018, Leeser Likely to Run for Vacant Congressional Seat

Maybe we can get Joe Wardy to step up to the plate again?

I like Mayor Wardy I really wish he would run again. So far the Mayoral options are worse than pathetic.

I am glad Mayor Lesser announced for Congress early. I like him very much and will definitely be voting for him.

Lupe, you call Dee Margo a nothing but support Escobar? Wow!

More News and JerryK, Wardy is and always will be an asshole and does not belong in government. How quickly you forget the fiasco he created with the city attorney's office. Taxpayers paid a pretty penny for his power play.

Leeser? Seriously? Man can't control a city council. He can only fight with an old man like a silly child.

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