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January 13, 2017


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Beto's flirtation with the US Senate is about winning a mayoral seat? That just seems a bit too rich for a mayoral seat.

"Beto pretend to run for Senate, and then back out!"

If that's the case, Beto is a petty moron.



For those of us who have not been around that long, can you explain what a Shapleigh Camper is?


Beto has the "bug" and wants to stay in Washington and be a player. He's smart enough to know that hanging out with Nancy Polosi isn't going to get him anywhere. Besides, Beto promised he wasn't going to stay in the house forever like El Paso's beloved Sylvestre. So, the Senate is a good option -- not a likely option but not a bad one either. And, I imagine Escobar is frantically urging him to vacate his seat so she can have a turn. No one in the Shapleigh / Escobar / O'Rourke camp thought Leesor would run. Now they are in kind of a pickle. Can Escobar beat Lessor? Hopefully not.

Steve was right,

A "Shapleigh Camper" is someone who is a disciple of former State Senator Shapleigh. You see, Shapleigh and Ray Caballero had a grand plan to fill every elected spot in the city/county with their puppets and then rule the place as kings. They didn't much trust people their own age to buy into their bullshit so they started recruiting fresh faced young adults just out of college. These young people like being around two grand visionaries and were immediately helpless to think for themselves.

I call them campers because the whole thing reminds me of kids going to camp and memorizing the camp motto. I also used that because of the invite only dinners shapleigh held to indoctrinate his followers.

The irony is that Shapleigh and Ray are pretty nice guys, especially Ray. Also, Suzy and Vero - really nice people if you've met them. If I were some young person here with ambition, it would be an attractive invitation, a career just waiting for me to occupy it. All I have to do is get elected (Paul & Woody will help) and then vote to give them all the public assets and tax breaks we have and say it's for the greater good. I can't lose.

No Suzy and Vero are not nice in the sense that they truly have El Paso's best interests at heart. It's always about power with those two and a single minded agenda - no compromise. Ray moved away a long time ago after his embarrassing re-election defeat. Left town with his tail between his legs so to speak and moved to the new urbanism utopia of Portland. Shapleigh accomplished zero in his years in the Texas Senate. They are both known for the Courts of Inquiry that made El Paso look like total idiots and cry babies. Bitch all you want about Foster and Hunt but you can be damn sure that Shapleigh, Caballero and their minions have not given one damn dime to improve the quality of life in this town. Don't see them giving money to a medical, dental or nursing school.

If we have a nuclear war, Jerry K will blame it on Foster and Hunt. Those who have not are frequently disdainful of those who have.

Great comment Juana!

"...new urbanism utopia of Portland"
I love Portland. It's been called a place where young people go to retire, a hipster paradise of brew pubs, coffee shops and independent book stores. We don't have that here because, well, you need literate people with spare cash to support independent bookstores. El Paso's pickup truck economy doesn't quite cut it in the literature department. But hey, we've got AAA thanks to Paul & Woody. The bookstores are sure to follow.

Move Jerry. Just move away. You despise this town. Are you some sort of weirdo that enjoys punishing yourself by living somewhere that your hate so much?

My opinion about this is that some people are very jealous of those that have done something for this community one way or the other. Vero and Suzy are very interested in many things other than just picking on others. Shapleigh did much and was very honest in the way he did things. As for embarrassing this city, the ones that did that were the dishonest, greedy people that did wrong. Things are still coming out about the school scams and other things that have taken place here in El Paso. Remember J. Jones that went to prison along with a lot of other people like Chilo Madrid? These are the people that made an embarrassment of El Paso. And no I don't like Ray Caballero but I do not go around telling people who they can be friends with. Teresa Caballero was mistreated by her father but, who knows the whole story. All I do know is that Teresa is one hell of an attorney.

You think Grossman wants what is best for the city? Grossman is an egotistical maniac that lies whenever it suits his purpose. He has created a lot of the controversy when there never needed to be any. He is using people for his own agenda while he lives in his comfortable, not historical, west-side home and doesn't care about the poor tenants in these decaying, unfit for humans, apartments.

Grossman has fallen the way of many politicians...he believes his own press releases. There he is, single handedly, saving our history, awakening our appreciation of our heritage. Blah, blah, blah. He is going to end up being caught in the middle of the Limon-Tobert-Firth ethical complaints. Note to Grossman: stay out of political brouhahas and stick to research.

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