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January 30, 2017


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I don't know - maybe because he is an honest man that ran an agency for 18 years that provides care for disabled children? I think he's a nice guy. Did a helluva job at the Children's Rehab Center.

The feminists are pushing some Cassandra person because she has an advanced degree. Oh boy - just because a woman has an advanced degree she is superior to all other candidates. No clue who she is or what she does.

I thought the name was familiar. When I ran the broadband project for the library, Jaimie was one of our BTOP partners and we equipped his organization with some highly-specialized computer equipment for disabled kids. It's a fine organization that does compassionate work and he was a good partner, IMO. At least back then.

Why would anyone be on his case, a nice guy who dedicated his life to helping disabled kids?

Then again, this is El Paso. The feuds that run under the pavement in this town are bizarre. It almost helps you to understand the Middle East.

I think he's ugly or something?

Jerry-"feuds under the pavement". Cool comment

Jaime attacks any candidate that doesn't secure $$$ his services. If the other team loses a race he can trash their competence. That's why he's against Saucedo. Plain and simple it's good old capitalist competition and not integrity because a deadbeat dad with a checkered past like Jaime knows no such thing.

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