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January 09, 2017


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So if they design it to look like a giant burrito (that will complement the adjacent giant sombrero), could we save a few bucks and say it is also the Hispanic cultural center?

The EP Slimes upholds its reputation once again.

Anyone who had time to watch the posturing, class warfare and politicking during yesterday’s marathon Council meeting should be packing to move off this island.

Chamber of Commerce and developers are worried about the convention center business, Durangitos and Lilly Limon are mired in class warfare, Tolbert has another come-to-Jesus moment, and Leeser referees the lucha libre match. Who can blame him for considering a run for Beto’s DC job? City Council makes DC look easy. At least Noe has the sense to ask about dollars and cents, at the expense of being a racist-elitist pig by the Durangitos and Limon.

I’m on board with Max, the history guy, so I say dig up Durangito for artifacts instead of building on it. But where else can the arena we don’t need go? Clearly, the only available spot is on top of the convention center. Architecture students, work on that challenge.

Meanwhile, the most significant item on yesterday’s agenda was the seniority pay boo boo. Apparently, the City has messed up seniority pay and will be liable for back pay plus interest. Stay tuned.

KVIA showed a map highlighting the areas within 1000 ft of the convention center. Directly across the street from the Paso del Norte (where the building burnt down a few years ago) would be a great place for the arena.

Also, there is this story, (City could have recovered more money if CRRMA director had acted sooner) which must be giving Veronica a headache.



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