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February 01, 2017


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At some point you stop worrying about what is good for Mexico (and the world) and you start to do what is good for the USA.

Build the wall. Tear up NAFTA.

We have a FENCE right now; not a wall.

Hmm, not much thinnks heeerre

hijack - same thing per se. It is an obstruction to enter or cross over to the other side and is "x" feet in length. Guess you are trying to define wall vs fence like Clinton defined the word "is".

Beto should be careful - it will come back to bite him in the ass if and when he decides to run for the Senate. He is not used to having any competition whatsoever when he is running for office. Other than his first campaign against Cobos - he has had a cakewalk. He has no idea how ugly it could get if he runs for Senate in Texas.

NAFTA needs to be revised. When the treaty was negotiated back in the late 80s, early 90s, the peso was 4 to 1. Now it is 21 to 1. There needs to be a peso adjustment.
If Mexico would build a wall along their southern border, it would help stay the flow of central American illegals.
And if Trump stopped the flow of money transfers (I can't imagine that would be legal), some small towns in Mexico would totally collapse. They exist on money sent home by Mexicans working in the US. At 21 pesos to the dollar you can imagine what a huge affect that is.
As for the wall / fence between Juarez and El Paso -- it's a godsend. Groups of little thugs in Juarez terrorized homes in Kern, Mission Hills and Sunset Heights. Check out the bars on the windows of houses built before the fence. It was pretty awful.
And, finally, I am at a loss as to why the Mexicans have not had another revolution. Their government is totally corrupt, money is horded in Mexico City with the bureaucrats. Only a little of it dribbles to basic services such as schools. Did you know that there are not enough schools or teachers in Mexico so that every child can go to school? That is why for many Mexicans, education stops at the 3rd grade level. As long as the US provides an escape valve, their corrupt form of government is safe.

Some evidence of a lack of a well informed public displayed in these comments. One thought that occurs to me is that the large numbers of "illegals" seeking to enter the U. S. are not just from Mexico. Every day people from all over Latin America are desperately trying to get here, and their easiest route is though Mexico. As for the bars on windows statement, I just have to point out that the use of wrought iron goes way back in local history, and it still goes on today. I have to say I do not recall ever hearing of any terrorism going on in Kern, Mission Hills and Sunset Heights, and I have lived here since 1970.

Mr. Dungan -- I don't know about Kern or Mission Hills, but I know several people who lived in Sunset Heights who had problems with theft from Mexican nationals (see, I didn't say "illegal") who could easily cross the river and carry home their treasures. Some shopping trip, huh? Such bargains. I also know people who would not buy in Sunset Heights because of this. Just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Please be careful who you call uninformed.

I remember that Mexican gangs were robbing trains and cars on Paisano when I first moved here in 1996 from Dallas. They would come over Cristo Rey from Anapra.

I thought, "Holy shit, this really is the wild west!" Too bad they outlawed public hangings and the Kansas Street bordellos.

And remember in the 80's early 90's the illegals would cross over by Smeltertown on Paisano and spread nails on the Paisano. Cars get flat tires and robbers come out of the shadows.

But Beto says it's not that way anymore. Because Reyes instituted the Hold the Line operation which President Clinton hated and guess what - crime went down. Fence went up in the early 2000's and it got even better. Remember the shot up plexiglass along Paisano where Border Patrol parked while watching the border.

How stupid of the liberals in this town to act like it never happened.

Old Trumpy is sure driving them crazy.

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