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February 27, 2017


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Perez and Escobar may try to continue their political maneuvers using the media and bloggers to do their bidding. But sooner or later they are going to come to terms with the fact that they are extremely unlikable and have no bond whatsoever with their constituents.
The moment their constituents ask them for help or disagree with them in some say, they sick their blogger on them to target them with negative messages.
That is also going to backfire.

The Rangers did question the past chairman of the County Historical Commission. Guess they thought that was way more important than City Council.

No, the Rangers haven't questioned me, YET. They're trying to agree on a date with my legal council.

Former Chair

Mr. Sargent you hang in there. I believe you were doing a good job with the historical issues. I agree with the places that are historical in El Paso. And people should not be forced to leave their homes just because someone wants money in their pockets. We need another arena like we need more holes in our heads. Hope that you can come back to the historical commission.

Lupe Weaver, you have no clue what you are talking about. You believe the hype Grossman and Sargent put out. Why did they do NOTHING for so many years for this area? Why let it deteriorate to this point? Because they did not and do not care about the poor Latinos living there. The buildings are privately owned and will be sold and people evicted with no financial help thanks to Grossman, Leyva, and Sargent.

Sargent is claiming ignorance for them meeting illegally for years. If he was that smart, he would have known it was illegal. So either he is incompetent or just didn't think he would get caught. And him calling someone a "pussy" speaks a lot about his character and, you, as a woman, should be ashamed of defending him.

David Sanchez -- Your are mistaken. The county historical commission has done a lot for El Paso. There have been many historical markers placed, and yes in poor parts of town too. And markers for Latinos. Most recently, the commission received a grant from the state to do a historical survey of downtown. The commission also has had a part in preserving and promoting Concordia Cemetery. Those are only a few of their accomplishments. The commission has no authority to address deterioration in the Union Plaza area. The City is the entity that ignored that. A word uttered in anger is no reason to condemn a man as you do.

Mr. Sargent could always be seen at Concordia Cemetery. He would have volunteers dress as dance hall girls, some would dress as gun fighters, etc., etc. That brought in some monies for the city. And like abandon hope said there are markers in several places. It is hard to volunteer and not ever get the credit deserved. Go to The Rose Garden at Memorial Park there are some things there markers I believe. There are some others and I just don't know much about them. He gave aid at the El Paso International Museum I think. Not sure about this. But, at least give some credit for small favors for the city.

I was not talking about any of those areas. Historical markers? ROFLMO. So what has he or Grossman or Leyva done to stopping these historical buildings from deteriorating? This area was mentioned over ten years ago and they did NOTHING. So why now? Either Sargent has the same agenda as Grossman or he is foolishly following him. They could have done something and chose not to.

And a word uttered in anger? Seriously? Bastard or asshole would have been a word uttered in anger.

David Sanchez - Your anger should be directed at the property owners and the city. The historic commission has no authority to stop buildings from deteriorating. That is the job of the city and we all know how well those codes are enforced.

Seriously, abandon hope? You are totally missing the point. Why did they wait until NOW to try and get a historical designation? It has been on a list for many, many years but they took no action.

David - Yes, seriously. Your chief complain is deteriorating buildings. Do you know that the establishment of a historic district does not keep property owners from letting buildings deteriorate? You seem to think the historic commission does the job of the city. It does not. Even if the historic commission had obtained a historic designation 10 years ago, it would have done nothing to prevent deterioration. That is totally in the hands of property owners and city code enforcers.

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