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February 17, 2017


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Except Canutillo ISD objects to 48 units of low income housing being built in Vinton because they don't want "those people" in their school district. Guess they think poor people had stupid kids and it affects their standardized test scores.

No one cares about the residents - they only care about the whore house and the Chinese laundry down there. Somehow those are historical.

RIP Eddie Holguin.

You're forgetting about the Blue Flame Building, which is going to have 90 (??) apartments for low income people, the HUD project. That is totally in city center as is Artspace, which is also low income subsidized. Artspace is a project by city "elites" so some of our leaders (not political leaders) do care about poor people.

Heard that the Artspace is having trouble getting residents qualified for public housing. Guess the starving artists make too much money or are still on mom and dad's tax returns as dependents.

I heard the same thing. I think they might now be taking applicants who aren't artists. Wonder what happened to all those surveys that said there thousands of potential residents? I think that survey was done by the company contracted to put the project together. Figures, huh?

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