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February 21, 2017


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Jim Tolbert was essentially placed in office via Susie Byrd’s political apparatus...I’m sure it was her idea to file an ethics complaint against Romero which paved the way for Tolbert’s win.
He has made some serious mistakes in the short 7 months he’s held office at City Hall and at this point he is probably viewed as a liability by Byrd, Escobar, etc.
Ironically, I am challenging Tolbert for his District 2 seat but with no political backing as I would prefer it. I filed the ethics complaints against Mayor Leeser and 4 of the council members which may or may not have derailed some political ambitions.

Susie Byrd isn't smart enough to put together the Ethics complaint Tolbert did. Ever since Tolbert refused to sign on to the "get Greg Allen fired" movement Byrd and Escobar dumped him like yesterday's trash.

As far as elected officials making mistakes - my God - they all do, just about every damn day of the week. So guess we should get rid of all of them through an Ethics complaint or recall. I think if Burgess got elected he would find the job not so simple as he seems to think it is.

Nobody says being on City Council is easy BUT they work for us and if I’m elected I will work for YOU. Open government must be the way El Paso is governed. You make it sound like walking quorums with CC members happen all the time. And if they do it’s high time someone with balls calls them out on it, as I did. We don’t have to settle for government that refuses to play by the rules. Heck, todays paper has an editorial about the CC having passed an ordinance that states they have to use a city-supplied cell phone to carry on city business...but they refuse to even follow their own ordinance. They use their personal cells to conduct their business secretly but those days are quickly coming to an end as several are up the creek without a paddle because they “deleted” their texts or are stating there are no texts when someone else has provided the other end of the conversation they were in. Don’t settle for that kind of leadership.

Everyone makes mistakes but some of Tolbert's have been doozies... like the letter to Ruth's Chris and the disappearing texts. I don't blame Byrd et al from dumping him. He became a liability.

I said IT before and I will say it again Tolbert is burning both ends of the stick. His neighbor M. Torres lives across the street and they are very good friends. She is also one of the best workers for Paul Moreno.
Last night there was a meeting at the Northeast Democrats and the candidates were invited. District #2 was not represented by no one. And guess who was there being very friendly with Norma Chavez people? Jaime Abeytia! These town is full of moles for all parties that are political. Oscar Leeser was there and he told everyone that he is not running for Congress. That it is only a rumor. A lot of stuff happened last night. The meeting started at 6:30 p.m. and did not end until 10:07 p.m. There were only 2 candidates there and all 4 candidates for District #4 were there. The only one that kept very cool and was very astute was Diana Ramos. It is the first time I heard of her and heard her talk and answer questions. Sam Morgan got mad at her for one reason or another and put her down royally, but she just kept on with her agenda. We need more people like that and that can keep on with their issues instead of pounding themselves on the chest and letting everyone know you are better than anyone else. It really is ridiculous and many people got turned off by it. Three candidates for E.P. Municipal Court #1 were there and a few other candidates.

Have always enjoyed Jud Burgess' guest columns in the Times. His entry into that city council district race should make things interesting.

See reporter D. Crowder had an interesting article this week on the Times. It said "According to the Alliance for Audited Media to which newspapers report their circulation totals once a year, the El Paso Times’ Monday-Friday average circulation was 47,418 in 2012, and fell to 24,595 last year. That’s a 48-percent decline in subscriptions, news rack and street sales over four years."

Do newspaper endorsements make much of a difference in local elections?


Did they mention the change in number of electronic subscriptions? To be fair, you have to factor that transition in as well, to determine the readership variation.


What was Steve right about. Other than accepting a $50K contribution from H&F and not reporting it until after his election defeat? BTW, no one ever accused him of not being a nice guy, which he is, but I ask with respect what was he "right" about?

David: I know it suits you best to make up reasons about why I am not supporting Jim. That's way more entertaining for you than actually calling and asking me about it. Here is what I told Jim when I emailed him last month. Susie


I would prefer that we had some time to talk about this in person but since you are not available, I think it is important for me to communicate this to you as directly as I can. I've been carrying it around for awhile and feel like I just need to let you know.

Having known you for many years and worked with you on many projects, I felt very confident in supporting you for office both in 2013 and in this most recent election. You have always been a loud and active advocate for transparency, ethics and accountability. You have been a strong and active advocate for District 2, for neighborhoods and for the environment. Your leadership as a community activist made a clear and significant difference in this community which is why I was glad help on your campaign, to support you and to ask others to give you their vote.

I can no longer support you. I'm not sure what has changed or happened but since you got elected you seem more interested in being re-elected than doing the right thing. You seem more interested in who is getting credit or who is invited to events than getting things done. You seem more interested in pointing fingers than taking the time to understand an issue and taking ownership for fixing things and finding good solutions. And most important to me, you seem to have forgotten the very basics of good government.

None of us in public service are without mistakes or failures. I'm glad to rattle off many of my own to you if you ever want to talk this through. I'm sure you would like to sound off on concerns you have about my leadership. Governance is a complicated business that demands balancing lots of information, ideas, perspectives and community values and constraints. Too much is at stake for our community, too much momentum, too much good will from voters to let the City stall out from a lack of focus, excessive finger pointing and poor governance. I hope this election cures that although I'm not confident it will.

I won't support Jud Burgess but am hopeful that others might step forward to serve. If not, I'll under vote.


If Susie can send an email like that to Jim, one has to wonder then why does Susie support Vero?



Because Judge Escobar has a record of accomplishment that includes reforming County government to be more responsive and responsible to the needs of its constituents and expanding access to health care for more El Pasoans.

Unfortunately, for the Judge, she also has a record of massive failures. The sports park, UMC, The Children’s Hospital, the county medical clinics, the first county administrator, the second county administrator, her grossly large pay raise, the county medical examiner debacle, the attempted hostile takeover of the mass transit board, and the list goes on and on. Yes, she is a step up from Cobos, but is that really that difficult?

Susie lecturing Jim on ethics and finger pointing ? Wow, however, no lecturing of Escobar ? Max, maybe you should call it SLM(Shap Lives Matter).

Plato-you hit the nail on the head regarding Escobar's track record. Nothing to brag about there. And she has no regrets over raising the debt service.

Susie-why in the world do you think DavidK or anyone else should have to call you and ask you why you are doing or not doing something? You do know David is a blogger. You do know that you look like an idiot when an elected official responds to a blogger. You remind me of the girl in high school trying so hard to be liked by the popular kids.

Who Cares -- DK is doing public relations for Tolbert and probably knew about Byrd's letter to Tolbert soon after she sent it. I'm glad Byrd posted her letter to this blog. She states clearly why she can't support Tolbert anymore. Why should she allow DK to skew the facts in Tolbert's favor? I'm glad to see blogs publish statements from individuals involved in issues. And you do know Tolbert has posted comments on this blog, don't you?

AH: and Lionstar, Elpasonews.org, maxpowers, they all could be considered PR reps for certain candidates. You apparently think Susie is a goddess and above reproach and that Tolbert is the scum of the earth. Fine that's your opinion. I get one too. And it differs from yours.


Susie given her hygiene, is more scum-like.



Who Cares - If you have read my posts, you would never say I am a Susie Byrd fan. What I'm saying is it's valuable to get first-hand information from people involved in issues. In this case, the issue is: Why does Byrd not endorse Tolbert anymore? She explained why in her own words. You can believe it, not believe it, or ignore it but it's better than having DK explain second or third hand.

Max - Any way you can go back to Portugal?

AH: who appointed Susie the guru of politics and that all candidates must kiss the ring to get an endorsement. She is just another worthless politician that thinks she is somehow the conscience of El Paso.

There are voters in District 2 that are delighted Susie is not endorsing Jim because they can't stand Susie. Ever think of that. My god, the people on this blog seem to think it's the kiss of death if the dynamic duo bitches of Byrd and Escobar don't endorse a candidate. Sad that others can't judge for themselves and wait for sometime to tell them who to vote for.


If I could I would.



Susie Byrd, you are so much the pot calling the kettle black. Get over yourself and stop pandering for attention. You think ANYONE cares who you endorse? You are a 40+ year old woman who dresses and acts like she is 12. You are irrelevant and your pal Escobar is too. She will never win. People have finally seen through her.

As for Tolbert, total loser and asshole. Jud Burgess is uninformed and out of control. Just watch the council meeting where he spoke.

Poor district 2.

Did I possibly miss something in the local media coverage of Jud Burgess' ethics complaint? Since the city's Ethics Commission dismissed his ethics complaint, isn't he still free to refile it with either the sheriff's dept or police dept? If that's true, not sure why he might be upset.

Old Fart...I’m not going to refile because my ethics complaints are now in the (hopefully capable) hands of the Texas Rangers. Lawyers look out for their own and the recent dismissal of all my complaints are examples of how they are adept at exploiting loopholes on behalf of each other. I was at Thursday’s El Paso Ethics Commission meeting and Stuart Schwartz and Mr. Telles both had issues with Alan Bojorquez’ dismissal reasoning.
I think “District 2 had no good choices” is alluding to a situation where I was at a city council special meeting and Dr. Noe tried to have me arrestyed simply because I wanted an extra couple of minutes beyond my3 minutes to address the council. Google it...I wasn’t out of control, in fact it was Dr.Noe who was.

Many of you may not like Jud, but I didn't like Trump and happy he won over the Witch. All of you who hate Tolbert I understand, but I would also hope you wouldn't be stupid enough to vote for whomever Susie endorses later. Susie at least doesn't endorse Jud. Jud may be the only lessor of the 2 evils. The evils being Tolbert and whomever Susie endorses.

It appears by all the comments on this blog about who endorses who that the voters of District 2 are apparently too stupid to evaluate a candidate and vote for the best candidate that they feel represents their needs and concerns as a citizen. To read the postings on this blog - we select elected officials by endorsements. And if the right or wrong person endorses you then you will be elected (or not).

WOW!!! Everyone seems to hate Susie and Vero so much. But, yet they are 2 of the only people that are really interested in the county and city and its constituents. Vero is very professional most of the time and she has a wonderful educational background. Also, has the support of her family and husband. Yes she does do some things that I myself don't like but, she is the only one that knows why and what is going on in this city and county. As for Susie Byrd she does what she thinks is best and tries to help as much as she can. These 2 women are very hard working and keep on going with their agendas no matter what is going on with their critics. Life goes on because they know they cannot please everyone.

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