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March 06, 2017


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It has been reported that they are going to start to build the border wall in El Paso, not repair it. Seems like they are going to replace the fence or build where there is no existing fence.

All in all, Svarzbein is an idiot and doesn't know what he is doing.

In Far East El Paso county the wall is not constructed nor far west El Paso county. So that would be a new fence, but repairs are ongoing in other parts of El Paso where the fence was installed years go. The solicitation notices for the project list the project limits as being from San Diego through Texas. No telling which sections will be awarded first and so on.

Either way Peter is very misguided and uninformed on city and state procurement rules. Plus, Texas is a right to work state. I am sure Firth will allow him to make a fool of himself instead of asking at the beginning of the meeting that the item be deleted.

And what is the point that Svartzbein will make? That he's misinformed? That he has an agenda? That he has cozied up with Escobar? Or just simply that he is dumb?

Peter seems to be out of touch with what the many El Pasoans who live outside his echo chamber want and need. And definitely obtuse about what the law requires.

In the far east county there is about a 1 mile gap from where the fence left off to the POE in Tornillo that will be filled/completed. Not sure about plans for far west.

I know the property owners on the river boundary in the far east county area were interviewed and they like the fence because it solved a lot of smuggler trespassing problems and improved safety for them so they requested the fence/wall gap be filled/completed in that area.

Rep. Swarzbein wants to interfere in federal business, yet our streets fall apart.

Guess every city council needs to have at least one "moon beam" member.

Peter should go ahead an include additional amendments to cover the personal feelings of other council members as well.

Ban any contractors who pay minimum wage.

Ban any contractors who are owned by Caucasians.

Ban any contractors who are not locally owned.

Ban any contractors who do not provide transgender friendly port-o-lets on their job sites.

Transgender port-o-lets? Now that is funny!!

Peter is fat, dopey kid. There has to be a separate bathroom for that.

I have an aquaintance in the upper valley whose home was burglarized multiple times until the current wall or fence was built. When I moved to El Paso 20 years ago there were car robberies on Paisano near Executive.

Build the wall.

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